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Doctor Who fanfic: Loophole

A sort-of Christmas-themed fic (well, there’s a Christmas in there, anyway?) starring a very minor Doctor Who character who I always liked.

Title: Loophole
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: After Clara’s death Rigsy has to return her body to the outside world, and mourn his loss.
Notes: I took some inspiration here from the original script of Face the Raven, which contains a little bit of extra stuff about Rigsy and his partner and his life. It seems to have been deleted from the official BBC website but the Internet Wayback Machine caught it!

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1. Holmes smiled in that infuriating, though affectionate, way of his. “Ah, Watson, You need to polish up on your French. Grantaire – or grand R; capital R. An approprate moniker. And a clever man to adopt it. I do not think drink dulled his wits much, Léa.”

2. “Well, you were the one who shot me,” said the Master, in the manner of a petulant child. “You were a very very NAUGHTY girl, Lucy.” She said ‘naughty’ as if she was spitting out a tasty sweet.

3. “All my thoughts of war and glory, and I never considered the grief of my brother, or my uncle, or any of those who may have loved me,” Eowyn said. “It feels almost like a punishment now, that I feel what they might have felt, had I fallen. Alas for my uncle! And alas for the uncle my children will not know.”


Title: Ghosts
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Clara Oswald
Also starring: Danny Pink, the Maitlands, Courtney Woods, Kate Stewart, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, the Child
Summary: The ghosts, dead and living, that haunt Clara Oswald.

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Doctor Who fic: Things They Talked About In The Playground

Title: Things They Talked About In The Playground
Author: sarah531
Rating: R (I think? Open to suggestions)
Characters: Amy, Madame Kovarian, Melody
Warnings: Oh god. I’m not even sure, I’ll need advice. But for now- non-con, rape, forced medical procedures, victim-blaming and trauma. And anger, I suppose.

Summary: What was done to Amy, and what she did, on Demon’s Run.


Doctor Who fic: What That Does To A Girl

Title: What That Does To A Girl
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Rose, Mels, mentions of others
Pairing: Rose/Mels
Summary: After a bad breakup, Rose meets a girl called Mels on a London bus. The rest of the evening is theirs…
A/N: The details of Rose’s previous romantic history are from the Doctor Who 2005 annual, and so are the details of the trip to France. Enjoy, everyone!


Doctor Who fic: Rory’s Choice

Title: Rory’s Choice
Author: sarah531
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Amy/Rory
Warnings: Something takes place which is semi-consensual at best. Also, dangerous sexual practices and self-harm
Summary: Rory has sex with his best friend, for the second time in his life. Something begins, but something else definitely ends.

A/n: Set after the Doctor left Leadworth for the second time. (y’know, after defeating Prisoner Zero.) Ur, this is my first ever NC-17 fic, so I hope it’s not terrible. Ooh, and many thanks to the people at writing_sex.