fanfiction: doctor who


1. Holmes smiled in that infuriating, though affectionate, way of his. “Ah, Watson, You need to polish up on your French. Grantaire – or grand R; capital R. An approprate moniker. And a clever man to adopt it. I do not think drink dulled his wits much, Léa.”

2. “Well, you were the one who shot me,” said the Master, in the manner of a petulant child. “You were a very very NAUGHTY girl, Lucy.” She said ‘naughty’ as if she was spitting out a tasty sweet.

3. “All my thoughts of war and glory, and I never considered the grief of my brother, or my uncle, or any of those who may have loved me,” Eowyn said. “It feels almost like a punishment now, that I feel what they might have felt, had I fallen. Alas for my uncle! And alas for the uncle my children will not know.”


Title: Ghosts
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Clara Oswald
Also starring: Danny Pink, the Maitlands, Courtney Woods, Kate Stewart, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, the Child
Summary: The ghosts, dead and living, that haunt Clara Oswald.

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Doctor Who fic: Things They Talked About In The Playground

Title: Things They Talked About In The Playground
Author: sarah531
Rating: R (I think? Open to suggestions)
Characters: Amy, Madame Kovarian, Melody
Warnings: Oh god. I’m not even sure, I’ll need advice. But for now- non-con, rape, forced medical procedures, victim-blaming and trauma. And anger, I suppose.

Summary: What was done to Amy, and what she did, on Demon’s Run.


Doctor Who fic: What That Does To A Girl

Title: What That Does To A Girl
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Rose, Mels, mentions of others
Pairing: Rose/Mels
Summary: After a bad breakup, Rose meets a girl called Mels on a London bus. The rest of the evening is theirs…
A/N: The details of Rose’s previous romantic history are from the Doctor Who 2005 annual, and so are the details of the trip to France. Enjoy, everyone!


Doctor Who fic: Rory’s Choice

Title: Rory’s Choice
Author: sarah531
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Amy/Rory
Warnings: Something takes place which is semi-consensual at best. Also, dangerous sexual practices and self-harm
Summary: Rory has sex with his best friend, for the second time in his life. Something begins, but something else definitely ends.

A/n: Set after the Doctor left Leadworth for the second time. (y’know, after defeating Prisoner Zero.) Ur, this is my first ever NC-17 fic, so I hope it’s not terrible. Ooh, and many thanks to the people at writing_sex.