Painty stuff

I’ve been trying acrylic pouring recently. So far there’s been more disasters than successes. The only two pieces I’ve made that I’m happy with are this one,

which I gave to a friend and this one-

which wasn’t good at all until I threw gold stuff all over it, and now it’s hanging up in the bathroom.

But the good thing about acrylic pouring is that no matter what goes on the canvas you at least get a nice pattern of paint you can peel off of what your canvas was sitting on and use for something else. So that’s what I decided to do. I took a bunch of acrylic “skins” and cut them up and put ’em in resin! That’s how I got this…

It’s a colourful little Darth Vader! Didn’t expect him to come out this well at all.

There’s a few air bubble holes but they can be fixed!

The Crafsman

I know nothing about the wider YouTube world (and I don’t really wanna know.) I don’t know which YouTubers are the most popular and why. But the one I WISH was the most popular is The Crafsman!

He is a puppet with the voice of an angel, and thanks to him I’ve learned so many more resin and crafting tricks.

He can even teach you how to keep bees for God’s sake.

If you’re at all interested in crafts, music, filmmaking or just nice things like bees and nature please go watch his videos! They’re so informative and so, so calming.