animal crossing

animal crossing update!

I’ve been eagerly counting down the days. Worth the wait! I got the update yesterday, one day ahead of schedule (woo!) and the DLC today.

Villagers can come into your house now!

And recipes are available!

And Kapp’n is there!

Mostly I’ve been playing the DLC though. LOOK HOW CUTE NIKO IS.

I designed a house for Eloise and she liked it!

I’ve also been having a go at the new photomode, although I haven’t quite got the hang of the different settings and filters yet.

Brewster’s Cafe is next on the to-do list!

my animal crossing villagers

I have ten of them, they’re all amazing, and even though I COULD trade them in for other, possibly even cuter villagers I… will absolutely never do that. In alphabetical order:


Apparently Cherry is one of the most popular villagers across all the game! That’s nice. She’s like a goth-punk dog but her home is super brightly coloured which clashes with all the Halloween-themed stuff I keep giving her, ah well, you do you Cherry


Poor Clyde on the other hand is supposed to be one of the LEAST popular villagers but I don’t care. Is it because of his eyes not having pupils? Bah. I love Clyde, he keeps running airplane-style around the island like a small child. Also he’s very adamant about not eating people, always good


Deli is obviously A monkey but I dunno what kind he is? He’s SO CUTE and honestly he’s my favourite, don’t tell the others. Look at that adorable little smile


Lucha is a little wrestler bird with a house done up like a wrestling ring! HOW DOES HE WRESTLE WITH NO ARMS?


A goat (a nanny goat?) who wears cute dresses. She’s one of my faves too just cos she’s so sweet. Before learning you can stop villagers from leaving I did a whole photoshoot to remember her by and then she didn’t leave, hooray


A hare, of course, apparently one who thinks he’s a famous influencer. His house is island-themed, meaning he built an island ON an island, ICONIC


Okay Papi is another one of the favourites. Look at him, he’s ADORABLE. He’s an okapi as far as I know, which are endangered in real life, sigh


Patty is a cow! And her default dress looks like meat steaks, oh dear. VERY cute, sings a lot, and is super into a movie called Maglevs in Love. I feel I should question more why she has imitation cow skulls


Yes I have two cows! The other one is called Tipper, presumably because of cow-tipping, which is a thing you very much shouldn’t do. She’s supposed to be a “snooty” villager but she’s not snooty to ME


Tybalt was one of the first villagers on the island I think! He’s very very into sports and fitness, and I am not (as proven by the fact I’ve spent an entire year playing Animal Crossing) but I love him anyway



redd animal crossing doesnt even know if the art hes selling you is fake he literally just gets it from god knows where and is like “this looks sick” and then puts it on his boat

he doesn’t know what it’s called either. he’ll be like “check out this Proper Painting. This Fat Nuts Statue” and Blathers takes one look at it to tell you “that’s Michelangelo’s David. where did you get this” 

New Year via games

Obviously there was nowhere to go on New Year’s Eve so I basically spent it on Animal Crossing. Awww, the little villagers threw a party.

Animal Crossing meant a lot to us this year, so I wanted to get a nice photo of me and my husband in the game as the countdown finished and the fireworks went off. So I got us in cute poses and hit the button at JUST the right moment… and the screenshot gallery was full. No photo for you. I cracked the hell up because WHAT BETTER WAY to sum up 2020 than that. Oh well, I took a photo on my phone instead, which has more sentiment in many ways I suppose.

Also Deli wasn’t there and he’s my favourite. :(

I had a quick whirl on Pokemon to get the New Year ones as well. That was more successful, in that I was able to get 2020 Slowpoke (aww) and evolve him within a couple of hours.

And a Pikachu with yet another hat!

Anyway, those were a fun distraction. Now back to the crushing terror of living in the UK under a corrupt government in the middle of a pandemic.