my animal crossing villagers

I have ten of them, they’re all amazing, and even though I COULD trade them in for other, possibly even cuter villagers I… will absolutely never do that. In alphabetical order:


Apparently Cherry is one of the most popular villagers across all the game! That’s nice. She’s like a goth-punk dog but her home is super brightly coloured which clashes with all the Halloween-themed stuff I keep giving her, ah well, you do you Cherry


Poor Clyde on the other hand is supposed to be one of the LEAST popular villagers but I don’t care. Is it because of his eyes not having pupils? Bah. I love Clyde, he keeps running airplane-style around the island like a small child. Also he’s very adamant about not eating people, always good


Deli is obviously A monkey but I dunno what kind he is? He’s SO CUTE and honestly he’s my favourite, don’t tell the others. Look at that adorable little smile


Lucha is a little wrestler bird with a house done up like a wrestling ring! HOW DOES HE WRESTLE WITH NO ARMS?


A goat (a nanny goat?) who wears cute dresses. She’s one of my faves too just cos she’s so sweet. Before learning you can stop villagers from leaving I did a whole photoshoot to remember her by and then she didn’t leave, hooray


A hare, of course, apparently one who thinks he’s a famous influencer. His house is island-themed, meaning he built an island ON an island, ICONIC


Okay Papi is another one of the favourites. Look at him, he’s ADORABLE. He’s an okapi as far as I know, which are endangered in real life, sigh


Patty is a cow! And her default dress looks like meat steaks, oh dear. VERY cute, sings a lot, and is super into a movie called Maglevs in Love. I feel I should question more why she has imitation cow skulls


Yes I have two cows! The other one is called Tipper, presumably because of cow-tipping, which is a thing you very much shouldn’t do. She’s supposed to be a “snooty” villager but she’s not snooty to ME


Tybalt was one of the first villagers on the island I think! He’s very very into sports and fitness, and I am not (as proven by the fact I’ve spent an entire year playing Animal Crossing) but I love him anyway