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Russian protesters

I don’t know this firsthand and I’m extraordinarily privileged not to, but I’ve garnered from social media and news reports that those protesters will probably face prison at the very least. A reminder that people are not their governments.

Call the Midwife season finale

Spoilers ahead! Big spoilers! Except… also in a way maybe not spoilers? Because none of the main characters died! It was touch and go with Sister Julienne for a bit but she lives to nun another day.

No, instead of being a story about how Nonnatus House deals with a loss it was actually about how a bunch of people we’d barely even met before, and how they dealt with a loss. The Corbett family, the Carnie family and Carol, whose lives ended up fusing together in such tragic ways. And I’ve heard people say of this episode, “That was it?! The writers amped up the drama and threw in a cliffhanger for nothing?!” but I loved it. I think it was a very brave move. Those characters I just mentioned were almost complete strangers to the audience, but Call the Midwife has always been about compassion to strangers and how that’s one of the things that makes us human.

‘Fallout’: Walton Goggins To Star In Prime Video’s TV Series From Kilter Films Based On Games — Deadline

Walton Goggins is set as a lead in Fallout, Prime Video’s series adaptation of the bestselling game franchise, which comes from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s Kilter Films, with Nolan set to direct the premiere. 23 more words

‘Fallout’: Walton Goggins To Star In Prime Video’s TV Series From Kilter Films Based On Games — Deadline

Ah, the sudden realisation that this show really is happening! I’m still quite “meh” on the whole idea, even though everyone attached to it has a good resume, it’s hard to shake the old video game to live action curse y’know?

Plus thanks to CERTAIN GREED-BASED GAME DECISIONS I feel like there isn’t a huge amount of goodwill for the Fallout franchise at the moment anyway. :(

big jet tv

Storm Eunice is so bad it’s taken the roof off the Millennium Dome (see?) so now it seems like the whole of Britain is hiding inside and watching this fantastic madman livestream planes landing at Heathrow.

There are tiny horses in the field trying to eat his camera, random interruptions from people informing him just how world-famous he’s suddenly become, and professional news crews keep showing up to try and steal his thunder. (Pun not intended.) It’s amazing.

“The Rings of Power” and the Issue of Race — Lord of the Rings Rings of Power on Amazon Prime News, JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit and more | TheOneRing.net

The first-ever reveal of Amazon’s TV series The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power via Vanity Fair last week ignited anew the flame of passion for discussing Tolkien’s works, now being adapted for a new medium and in a new format; more so because the showrunners have set out to “come up with…

“The Rings of Power” and the Issue of Race — Lord of the Rings Rings of Power on Amazon Prime News, JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit and more | TheOneRing.net

I’ve followed TORn on and off for oh man, well over a decade now and I’m very relieved to see this statement. I can’t believe the amount of racism I’ve seen in Middle Earth fandom over the past couple days. One racist statement would be too much, but… damn. I’m so sorry to the fans who have to put up with this.

(side note: I had no idea Sir Lenny Henry was in The Rings of Power! I’m still a little dubious about this franchise being in the hands of Amazon but he’s a good reason to watch it.)

The Book of Boba Fett

Man, it’s hard to keep up with new TV shows once you’re an adult, even if they’re set within a world you already love. I admit that A LOT OF TIMES during this show I had to stop and go, “Wait, had they already met?” or “Do we know that guy already?” I’m a bad Star Wars fan, I know. But I did like this show! In fact, I think I liked it more than most people did? Yeah it had some silly parts but it’s Star Wars, the silliness has been built-in since the beginning. And I really liked getting to see some characters, locations and events I assumed would never show up in live-action again!

But yes, like everyone else I was also confused when the show suddenly turned into The Mandalorian season three. I really wish they hadn’t done that, both for the sake of Boba and his supporting cast and for the Mandalorian’s cast, for a start there are plenty of scenes in this show where we absolutely should have seen Din’s face and we couldn’t because Pedro Pascal was off filming other things. A very odd choice that, and one I suspect motivated mostly by Disney’s desire to shift Grogu toys, posters and stickers until no surface in the world is un-Grogu’d.

Call the Midwife theories!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Dave got me this:

…just in time for the characters on the show to be caught up in a terrible tragedy! CTM’s never really done anything like this before, so let’s play a traumatic guessing game about who will survive the cliffhanger and who will “merely” be horribly injured!

So, I will be furious if Dr Turner dies right after having an argument with his son. Jeez Timothy was unsympathetic in this episode, I guess this was all the teenage angst we never saw in him finally coming out. I suppose I can’t complain since he always seemed a little too perfect but WOW, TIMMY. Anyway, the odds are against Dr Turner dying, I guess, since Stephen McGann’s wife writes the show. (And he himself wrote the book you see above!)

Sister Julienne is probably the more likely train crash victim of the two, in the end shot she wasn’t moving while Dr Turner sort of was, plus I kinda feel like… She would be the obvious choice to kill off as she’s been a bit surplus to requirements as of late? Plus, though she remains progressive for a nun, her traditional views and strictness are starting to grate at this point in the show. (A part of me wonders if they’re killing her now so she won’t be rendered incredibly unsympathetic once the Abortion Act 1967 becomes part of the show?)

Then there’s Nancy, who walked out of the train but took a massive knock to the head, and I wonder… It would be a very CTM thing to do, her seeming to be okay but then passing away from internal injuries no-one checked for. (Or maybe Bob Saget’s incredibly sad cause of death is on my mind.) I hope she doesn’t die, though, because that would mean her poor daughter was all alone in the world.

Mr Corbett is almost certainly dead, unfortunately, and just as his wife was about to give birth, aw man.

Meanwhile on the ground I think Mrs Wallace might lose sight in her injured eye, also yes I was among the people yelling “NO CYRIL DON’T GO BACK IN THE BUILDING” when he went to look for her, luckily nothing happened to him and Lucille was spared further tragedy.

Dang, what an episode! I was on the edge of my seat throughout all of it.

Twelve Questions I Still Have About the Kindred Saga — harryosborn.net

It’s been several months now since the conclusion of Nick Spencer’s run on Amazing Spider-Man and the end of the Kindred Saga, as it’s called now. Am I still salty? Oh god I’m still salty. Here’s 12 questions I still have about the whole sorry show. Perhaps some of them will be answered one day? […]

Twelve Questions I Still Have About the Kindred Saga — harryosborn.net

I wrote this today! Guess the saltiness will last a good while yet.