A few stray “Loki” thoughts

(spoilers ahead!)

-It’s nice to have Loki confirmed as bi, a good step forward, but I have a dark feeling this will never be mentioned again and he’ll never be in a same-sex relationship, because Disney.

-Whoa Sif?! She hasn’t been in anything since Agents of Shield and I dunno if that’s even canon anymore. Is she even going to be in the new Thor movie, I can’t remember.

-So it seems like Natasha won’t be in this after all which I find terribly disappointing, like lots of people I was sure I saw her in the trailer but no that was Sylvie instead, who has a similar hairstyle.

-But that being said I love everything about Sylvie! Love her look, her fighting style, that cool little crown that doubles as a weapon, everything. I would definitely watch a Sylvie prequel show.

Why can’t I get MY hair to go like that?

-I’m not sure if I’ve got this “TVA kidnapping variants” thing exactly right but what if everyone working at the TVA is a variant of someone we already know? Like there’s Tony Starks and Black Panthers and Steve Rogerses running around there plucked outta their timelines and we don’t know cos they look different?!

-If this show is going the way I think, Loki having to become the best version of himself after facing everything he did wrong, I’m gonna start calling this show “MCU does The Good Place.” Cos, you know, quite a few similarities already.

-Oh my gosh a crocodile Loki! I’m gonna call him Crocoloki.