Good Omens season 2

Neil Gaiman posted the above today and the internet went wild, WILD I tell you. I wasn’t expecting it at all and after a few punsome exclaimations of surprise (“What the HELL?” “What in GOD’S NAME?”) I started wondering, what do I actually want from a season two? Well, honestly…

…what I want them to do is make the Aziraphale/Crowley “bromance” an actual romance, like everyone thinks it is. And it’s not because I’m a Shipper, I’ve been doing shipping totally and utterly wrong for literal decades at this point, I just feel like it would be a better story if what we were seeing here was romantic love. IE… not something that Amazon can point at and go “No, they’re just friends!” And because said Ship has been so important to and so rewarding for so many people… Why not just go ahead and do it?

Well, that’s my main thought anyway. The other thing that occurs to me is that season one contains a pretty intriguing sequel hook as it is… “Next time, I reckon it’ll be all of us against all of them.”

Also please don’t put Jack Whitehall in this one.