Oh yeah, I forgot, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 the other day! It was released in the UK a week or so before the US, in accordance with Marvel’s curious plan to show a movie to one group of people whilst withholding it from another group of people and then wonder why people keep pirating their films

(I mean, it worked out for me, but still.)

(Under the cut for huge spoilers)

I actually liked it quite a bit more than the first one. Hey, it managed to have 4 interesting women as major characters in the same movie, and they talk to each other! Well done Marvel Studios, keep it up

I adored Mantis (I hope she’ll be in the next one) and I loved Drax’s relationship with her. Their scenes together, especially the penultimate one, are very touching indeed in a low-key way

Despite the fact that I definitely do not recollect him being, uh, the model of fatherhood, Yondu’s sacrifice and death was pretty touching as well. I suppose I’m a sucker for parent-child redemption stories

K-Gill! It was so nice to see Nebula again, and have her go through something of a redemption too. I wish she was as popular as Loki, what with her having the exact same character arc and all

I was convinced Groot would regrow himself at some pivotal point in this film, he did not

I also thoroughly expected at least one Avenger to show up during a particular bit where at least one Avenger very much should have shown up, they did not

I did not understand 95% of what was being referenced in the after-credits scenes

but I think it might actually be my second-favourite MCU movie after Thor 2. (Yep. Thor 2′s my favourite. I just like the silly MCUs more than the serious ones I guess.)