do you think it would be awkward to show Hamilton at a British theatre though given that it’s about the American revolution? Or do you think it’s offset by the fact the British forces/loyalists aren’t actively demonized compared to other American verisons of the revwar (like The Pariot) and shows the Americans as flawed? -reluctantheroine

I think…hmmm…I can’t really imagine anyone other than the Daily Mail et al really objecting to it. I think most people will take it just as what it is, a very good piece of entertainment rather than any sort of statement as to what we should actually think about the American Revolution. (Does that make sense? Gah…) Me personally, I can’t wait to see it! I also assume most of the main roles will be played by British actors of colour, although I can’t imagine Lin-Manuel Miranda would let it go ahead otherwise.

(Also, I’m told we (the British) are supposed to loathe the French and vice versa. I have no idea why that’s a thing. But I also heard that apparently Les Miserables did far better in the UK than France! Weird.)