i find it so weird that people on this website blame hamilton entirely for the romanticization of the founding fathers because that’s just been a common, running theme throughout US history. maybe no one had ever said “uwu my mentally ill baby” specifically about a founding father before, but the culture that caused that atmosphere was already there. 

i think that there’s nuance in between the “it’s the most progressive thing ever to exist!!!!” and “it’s bad wholesale because it glorifies bad people!!!!” standpoints but like… glorifying the founding fathers has always been a big part of american culture. hamilton just attempted to kind of subvert that by using actors of color and whether or not it was successful is up for debate. 


(I misread a line once–)



”And you are paranoid in every paragraph
How they perceive you

You, you, you…

My interpretation of what these lines in “Burn” mean: the three other lives affected by the Reynolds Pamphlets besides Alexander’s. Pippa’s rendition of this still breaks my heart.




Hamilton Cast: Hey, we’re a little worried. Please don’t forget this country was founded on the idea that we all have an unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Green Day: FUCK YOU AND THE FUCK YOU FLEW IN ON *stage flames*

both are necessary and both are fantastic. :D

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this some people will only be reached by loudness some people by calmness and some by neither but at least if you have people doing both you’ve covered the possibilities 

This is so important.

Also worth pointing out that Green Day have the white privilege that the Hamilton cast mostly doesn’t. Had they issued a ‘fuck you’ to Pence the story might’ve been very different.