This is disgusting. I hope she’s okay. They really don’t give a fuck about us out here y’all. Stay woke. 

here is a video of here speaking about her arrest and a link to the article above (x)

[Transcription of the video: My name is Sadaisha Shimmers. On the 21st of April I requested to meet with Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Ellen Degeneres show. Within 24 hours of requesting to speak with her about the 20 transgender deaths in our country, the lack of military inclusion, and the segregation that is being lobbied for jails as well as bathrooms in our country, I was leaving my place of residence when I was thrown on the ground by two male officers. I had no idea what was going on and I was subsequently held and detained in down-town San Francisco jail for 24 hours. During which time I was strip searched one time by six male officers and a second time by another male officer by another male officer. They also changed my legally changed gender from female back to male. While I was incarcerated they refused to feed me stating that I was a vegetarian and that they were unable to process a vegetarian tray within the first twelve hours. 

During my incarceration I was not charged with anything. There was no crime attached to why I was being held in jail. These officers came out after I had called 911 saying that there had been people harassing me as a transgender female and I was in fear for my life. They said they were unable to come out to respond to my call and that I needed to go in. After getting dressed to go in and make a police report I was leaving my house when the officers grabbed me, threw me on the ground and arrested me. 

This is illegal. It is illegal to hold somebody without any formal charges. It is illegal to strip search a female when you are a male officer. And it is certainly illegal to deprive me of the medical care that I required. During my incarceration for that 24 hour period I was deprived of various central medications to my health, which resulted in a 24 hour hospital stay due to bleeding ulcers in my stomach. This is a violation of my civil rights. I am in fear for my safety and I fear retaliation. Is this what happens in our country when we ask our future president to help us out? 

This is our trans nation. I need each and every trans person to not allow this to continue to happen. Share this video. God bless.]