Like most people, I want to make a graphic of modern-day Les Amis (race and genderswapped!) but I only have a few fancasts in my head. Wanna hear them? You probably do.

Enjolras: No idea, so I’ll probably stick with Aaron
Combeferre: Richard Ayoade
Courfeyrac: Freema Agyeman, because Courf has to be warm and friendly and fashionable, and Freema is all that, yay
Joly: Hugh Skinner, because of his permanently worried expression
Bosset: Noel Clarke
Feuilly: No idea. I want someone red-haired. (But not Karen Gillan! There’s too many Doctor Who alumni in here already, for a start)
Jehan: Even less of an idea
Bahorel: Gwendolyn Christie
Grantaire: George Blagden (yeah, it could hardly be anyone else at this point.)

Anyone got any comments or ideas? Tell me tell me tell me!