Meet Younger Yoda in STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC — Nerdist

Lucasfilm’s upcoming publishing initiative Star Wars: The High Republic will take Star Wars fans back in time. The High Republic era is set some two hundred years before the events of The Phantom Menace. The stories that will unfold from multiple publishers in varying formats (comics, adult novels, and children’s books) focus on Jedi Knights…

Meet Younger Yoda in STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC — Nerdist

The lifespan of a Yoda:

-Baby Yoda

-Younger Yoda

-CGI Yoda

-Puppet Yoda

-Ghost Yoda



Do you ever think about how Wookiees can live up to like 400 years so they’re one of the few species in the galaxy that would understand what it’s like to be friends with someone from a race who will only live a fraction of your lifespan, to help them and take care of them, but know that you’ll outlive them by so much, outlive their children and probably even grandchildren, to have to accept that from the moment you meet them?

And then think about why Yoda has good relations with the Wookiees and how it must have been nice to have someone who can share that with him?

And then maybe kind of cry about it a lot?

Okay, I know I made this post in the first place, but still HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME CONSIDER THIS AND FEEL THESE FEELINGS.