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Unpopular Headcanon, probably.


There is no alcohol on Tracy Island, the scotch and beer you see are alcohol free, because they are pretty much on call 24/7, and just like you don’t drink and drive, you sure as hell don’t drink and fly a rocket, heavy machine, super fast jet or submarine. Nor do people want someone who is unsteady due to alcohol consumption to rescue them.

They probably have something similar to Star Trek.

Nah, that makes a lot of sense if you ask me.

A Summary of Events

Title: A Summary of Events
PG13 I think, since it involves depression and murder and swearing and many unpleasant real-world scenarios, many of which are happening right now in fact
Thunderbirds/Thunderbirds Are Go

Summary: This is best described as ‘a look at how IR might function
in the real world’ except obviously it’s not quite the real world
because it’s several decades in the future and also after a war. I also
hope it’s not Dark And Gritty, but rather Pointed And Vaguely Satirical.

Features a bit of fourth-wall breaking, which starts…

YEAR: 2070

 This summary of recent events has been put together as a voting
aid. It is based on your social media activity, your browser history and
your work profile…

A Summary of Events

I have finally almost solidified my fancasts for the Tracy Brothers!
You’ve heard about my other TAG fancasts already I think, but here are
the white boys in reverse order:

Lucas Till as Alan:


Graham Rogers as Gordon:


My eternal fave George Blagden as Virgil, if he would only trim his facial hair:


Domnhnall Gleeson as John:


Annnnnnnd tumblr fave Sebastian Stan! as Scott:



That Thunderbirds thing, a small sampling

PROSECUTION: The prosecution calls Mr Tracy to the stand.

[All five men instantly stand up]


[JOHN TRACY takes the stand. He’s clearly ill at ease, although his brothers appear to be mouthing encouragement at him]

PROSECUTION: What is your official job title, Mr Tracy?

JOHN TRACY.: Space Command Communications and Dispatcher for IR, sir.

PROSECUTION: Would it be fair to say that prior to the events under discussion, International Rescue specialised exclusively in natural or technological disasters?

JOHN TRACY: We specialise exclusively in rescues, sir.

PROSECUTION: Even when your…rescuees have deliberately put themselves in danger, and are specifically counting on International Rescue to absolve them of responsibility? Or to arrange care for them in a country not their own, where they will be nothing but a heavy burden for the taxpayer?

JOHN TRACY: If people require medical care, we take them to the nearest IR-accredited hospital. That’s a system that’s been in place for ages, and the UN-

PROSECUTION: But you don’t follow up on these people afterwards. If, say, a sinking boat of two hundred refugees is picked up in the Pacific and delivered safely to New Zealand, those two hundred could be left to roam unchecked throughout the whole country.

JOHN TRACY: ‘Roam unchecked’…they’re not cows, sir.

PROSECUTION: Did I say they were cows?

JOHN TRACY: No, sir.

PROSECUTION: This is a serious problem, made even more serious by the fact that it’s only just now come to public attention, wouldn’t you agree?

JOHN TRACY: The people of the GDR…

PROSECUTION: Are, likewise, apparently totally unaware of the scale of the problem.

JOHN TRACY: This has nothing at all to do with New York.

PROSECUTION: Except that it does. It highlights the culture of irresponsibility that you, your family and your extremely wealthy friends have allowed to foster. 

[Alan Tracy opens his mouth to speak; gets as far as an “F-” before his eldest brother clamps a hand over his mouth.]

PROSECUTION: If I may, I want to demonstrate to this court just how far the irresponsibility goes. I have here a small sample – very small! – of medical records.

[General mutterings of unease]

PROSECUTION: Here’s yours, John Tracy. Apparently, according to this, you were diagnosed with serious depression while you were studying at Harvard? So serious that your father checked you into a medical facility?

[General murmurs of surprise, punctuated by:]

SCOTT TRACY: Oh, fuck you!



“You get all that Tracy Island?”
“F.A.B, John.”

– – – – – – – – 

Based on the headcanon that John has a little voice recording from their mother that she sent to him not long before she died. She sent it to him because he was particularly disappointed to find he wasn’t chosen for a junior Nasa space programme when he was 10-years-old, and she died later that year. 

Despite it having context, the message is very general and applies to most situations so John plays it all around Thunderbird 5 when he needs it the most, and transmits it down to Tracy Island because his brothers could definitely use it too. The message is particularly helpful on the boys’ sad days, days when they need a little reminder that their mother is always watching.

I was having a great day until this happened