the sun

Regarding that Pearl Mackie rumour.

There’s a couple of posts going around, rapidly gaining traction, stating that Pearl Mackie has been ‘fired’ from Doctor Who after just one series. Source: The Sun. Small problem with this:

The Sun are LIARS. Also racists, transphobes, homophobes, every bad thing under the sun. (Pun actually not intended.) I cannot stress this enough. Even in the UK, they have no credibility whatsoever. They are our equivalent of Fox News. Don’t just take my word for it, read their Wikipedia page.

They’ve worked out by now that a fake Doctor Who story = lots of clicks. Observe:


(They also once ran a story about Harriet Jones being the Supreme Dalek (???), though all evidence of it beyond that one forum link is long gone)

Anyway, and this is the really important part, so important I’m gonna put it in bold and italic and header font:

The Sun did this exact. same. thing to the last Black actress to join Doctor Who in a lead role.

A few episodes into Freema Agyeman’s run as Martha Jones, the Sun claimed she was “axed” (Original article long gone: text of it can be found here) Everyone believed it; the result was distressing to Agyeman, as you can imagine


And of course it wasn’t true. Freema Agyeman and Martha stuck around til series four.

I am SO PISSED OFF that The Sun did the same thing again, to another young black actress just starting out. So pissed off.

In fact, the bold header text is not enough to contain my pissed-off-ness.

The Sun is not a good newspaper. It is barely a newspaper. It is certainly not a credible source. It actively endangered people’s lives in the 80s with its lies about AIDS. It ruined many people’s lives in 1989 with its lies about the Hillsborough disaster. It published an article by human toilet (/frequent Sun contributor) Katie Hopkins calling for “cockroach” refugees to be gunned down. (Yes. That is a thing that really honestly happened.) It is nothing but lies, lies, racism, every other -ism, and lies. What wouldn’t I give to it, The Daily Mail and the Express gone from the shelves.

Do not believe what they’re saying about Pearl Mackie. Do not believe what they’re saying about anything. If you click on a Doctor Who story and see “The Sun” anywhere near it, immediately back away. They are scum. They are utter, utter scum.

Please spread this around with the same speed with which you would like to see Katie Hopkins punched in the face.

Why are people being weird on about this?


Mark Hamill is collaborating with The Sun for Star Wars Day and people on twitter and instagram are acting like he’s joining the ranks of Hitler or something.

Chill.  The Sun is awful, but Mark is not. 

The Sun has attracted some extra, well-deserved ire recently for its coverage (or lack thereof) of the Hillsborough enquiry, so a lot of old wounds are re-opened at the moment.

(I’m not pissed at him or anything – he’s American for a start so he probably doesn’t know how bad they are – but I do wish he hadn’t done it.)