the johnny maxwell series

“You know those games where this ball runs up and bounces around and ends up in a slot at the bottom?”

“Pinball machines?”

“Is that what they’re called now?”

“I think so.”

“Oh. Right.” The Alderman nodded. “Well…when you’re bouncing around from pin to pin, it is probably very difficult to know that outside the game there’s a room and outside the room there’s a town and outside the town there’s a country and outside the country there’s a world and outside the world there’s a billion trillion stars and that’s only the start of it…but it’s there, you see? Once you know about it, you can stop worrying about the slot in the bottom. And you might bounce around a good deal longer.”

from Johnny And The Dead, my favourite Terry Pratchett book of all time

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It just occured to me that I really ought to actually use my 100 userpics, so just went and uploaded a bunch more, for various fandoms. The total now stands at 15 Star Wars, 15 Doctor Who, 8 Spiderman, 6 HP, 6 Lost, and many, many others.

Help me.

Johnny and the Bomb was on last night. I’m not sure what to make of it- it was good, in that sort of cosy BBC way (that’s a high compliment, believe it or not) but it wasn’t my book on screen, y’know? No-one really looked like I pictured them (especially Kirsty) and…I dunno…the books have this tone that it’d be really hard to get on screen, this sort of weird cynical-but-not-cynical tone. Now that I think about it, you probably could almost describe it as being cynical about being cynical, or something, but…I should read the books again, I reckon.

The whole thing’s almost like Doctor Who in a way, because all these bizarre things happen in a ordinary, bleak place, and cause Johnny’s world to change a little.

I love those books. Did I ever mention this? ;)

And lastly…the Mickey Smith Ficathon, aka the Mickathon. XD

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Don’t you think Bush/Blair looks tired?
(If you get this, pass it on)

*hops off bandwagon*

Anyway. The actual post-

Some of you may not know of my utter adoration for Terry Pratchett’s Johnny series, but…I utterly adore Terry Pratchett’s Johnny series. (See icon- that’s a quote from Johnny and the Dead.) And this Christmas I learned they’re making a miniseries of Johnny and the Bomb-it was just on Blue Peter half an hour or so ago. I’m completely torn. On the one hand, all the clips I’ve seen of it look excellent and pretty close to the version in my head, but on the other hand…it’s one of my books, even more so than Harry Potter. And although I’m always saying I want a fandom for it…in a way, I also don’t, because that means I have to share those books with other people.

And, of course, I might run across people talking about it later: “Shit plot, shit characters, book’s probably a load of crap too.” It isn’t, but that’s the sort of thing people say so often, and you can’t stop them but that sort of thing is a lot more frustrating than you might think. Even though it shouldn’t be.

And this entire post is pretty hypocritical of me, seeing as I plan to somehow make a film version of Only You Can Save Mankind. ;)

So…yeah. I’m going to watch it and tape it, of course, but…I’m kinda half excited and sort of wishing they weren’t doing it. I suppose I’m glad they’re doing JATB, which although I love it is my least favourite of the three- at least they’re not doing Only You Can Save Mankind.*

*this is because they’ve blown their aliens-and-spaceships budget on Doctor Who. ;)