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It just occured to me that I really ought to actually use my 100 userpics, so just went and uploaded a bunch more, for various fandoms. The total now stands at 15 Star Wars, 15 Doctor Who, 8 Spiderman, 6 HP, 6 Lost, and many, many others.

Help me.

Johnny and the Bomb was on last night. I’m not sure what to make of it- it was good, in that sort of cosy BBC way (that’s a high compliment, believe it or not) but it wasn’t my book on screen, y’know? No-one really looked like I pictured them (especially Kirsty) and…I dunno…the books have this tone that it’d be really hard to get on screen, this sort of weird cynical-but-not-cynical tone. Now that I think about it, you probably could almost describe it as being cynical about being cynical, or something, but…I should read the books again, I reckon.

The whole thing’s almost like Doctor Who in a way, because all these bizarre things happen in a ordinary, bleak place, and cause Johnny’s world to change a little.

I love those books. Did I ever mention this? ;)

And lastly…the Mickey Smith Ficathon, aka the Mickathon. XD