ok i started a new game on skyrim today and in the beginning the thief from rorikstead makes a run for it and of course that’s the part where the imperial archer kills him so i looked away for a second and then heard a distressed horse sound and when i looked back i saw the theif still running away, unarrowed, because a horse somehow got in the way


and now he’s just fucking gone

godspeed you glorious bastard

Talos guide him

Alternate universe where the Dragonborn gets executed and the world is saved by some random coward of a thief who somehow survived the first five minutes of the game. :D

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replied to your post “powerovernothing
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Indeed it is! Always has a nice “Home” like feeling. Although personally, I’ve always been a Whiterun gal myself~

Me too! Whiterun is lovely, so lovely I can even put up with Adrienne telling me she doesn’t claim to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun 100 times a day