I feel really sorry for Rory sometimes.

Because it’s obvious to me that he’s kind of CUT OUT for being a father – all the way through Series Five absolutely nothing throws him. Hell, he’s even okay with the dying-and-suddenly-being-Roman thing.

And then through Series Six, he just becomes so muchmore, but he’s still really calm about everything and you can just tell he’d be a perfect father.

And then he never even gets to see his real baby daughter – he only sees her when she’s Flesh, I think. I know he grows up with her, but it isn’t the same because he didn’t know he had a daughter all that time up until Berlin.

Yet he’s STILL fazed by nothing, and he still loves River.

I don’t know, I’m just having Rory feels today.

And then I feel sorry for River for the exact same reason – she’s obviously such a daddy’s girl (I imagine she’d have been pretty close to him as Mels), but she can’t show it when he doesn’t even know who she is to the Doctor, never mind to him, and there’s always far too much going on in their lives for them to have some actual TIME with each other.

But I think Rory would have been so, so brilliant as a father and I’m really sad they haven’t had more time together.


So. Much. SAD. :(

Remember that scene in Amy’s Choice, where he walks up to the baby’s cot and gently touches the mobile? That scene is a sucker-punch, after Season Six.