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Yesterday Frankie Boyle criticized Ricky Gervais for his jokes about trans people. I suppose my first reaction was:

But it goes deeper than that. I’m the child of someone with a disability, I have a few disabilities of my own, and it was primarily the comedy of Boyle and Gervais that taught me how the world views people with disabilities. That’s not even getting started on the racism, the anti-semitism, and of course the transphobia that Boyle used to do and Gervais still does. I’m glad that Boyle has done the bare minimum, I want people to change, no matter how loathesome they are I want to believe there’s good in everyone. But he stood on stage and specifically abused a Black child (child!) with a disability, and he made fun of people with Downs Syndrome in front of their parents, and he went on Twitter and talked about how he wanted to rape a Black sportwoman. I don’t feel like his words come from a place of actual empathy and I’m also fairly sure he’ll go back on them as soon as it’s convenient.

One thing I’ve found interesting about this, in an incredibly depressing way, is that until this point Boyle appeared to have a fanbase of, well, exactly who you’d expect. I went through Twitter and it’s all, “I assumed based on Boyle’s Nazi-like attitude to disabled people that he was far-right just like me! What do you mean there’s a tiny spark of decency in there?” And I really hope he knows that those were the kind of attitudes, and the kind of people, he cultivated with his cruelty.

And also, obviously, fuck the both of them.



-Frankie Boyle

When a white Irish Catholic man from Scotland has the nerve to say about America what many middle class Americans never will. 

He really is the Bill Hicks who managed to avoid dying tragically young.

Ah, so much of an ally
he joked about a disabled black child – the son of some British celebs – raping his own mother (again, a disabled black child, whom he called by name on stage) and saying when the parents got divorced and fought
over custody that “one of them would have to keep him.” After the public
outcry he just kept on going, saying later “I find it hard to believe there are kids at that school who would like to slag [the child in question], but can’t think of an angle” and

then encouraged his standup audience to “join me in my attack on a disabled boy.”

Wait, you thought maybe it was just that one particular disabled person (child) he hated? Nope! Told a woman to her face her Downs Syndrome child was going to die early (”Everything I’ve said is true, isn’t it?”), after a skit which consisted of mocking people with Downs Syndrome.

There was also that time he tried to name one of his tours, “Deal with this, r*t*rds” before being stopped. (He really loves that word.)

How about using racial slurs for Edgy Comedy? Yep, he’s got you covered there, too. Reducing women to punchlines about their looks? Also something he delights in. Jokes about outright raping women? (One particular woman, whom again he named?) No problem. Constant gross tweets about a gold-medal-winning (black) sportswoman, again all said in a public arena? Check.

Oh, he says plenty good things. He says all the right things in fact. S’just when it comes to actual individual people, especially women and disabled people, he’s a bully and a harasser. But don’t you dare call him a racist, it’ll make him feel sad!




aziz ansari tells rape jokes.

louis c.k. tells rape jokes and literally told rape survivors to “get the fuck over rape jokes”.

george carlin claimed that anything in the world could be funny and then proceeded to tell a story about something he saw on the news about an elderly woman getting raped. he was literally laughing so hard that he couldn’t finish his sentence. an old woman getting raped was that funny to him. 

ricky gervais told a graphic rape joke about a child trying to tell her parent that a man raped her.

i have seen literally all of these men called “feminists” and good allies because they managed to repeat what women have been saying for fucking decades so can we PLEASE have some respect for rape survivors and women in general and stop praising men for saying mediocre feminism 101 bullshit? because chances are a woman has already said it and the male comedian saying it now is going to tell another rape joke in 5 fucking seconds. 

thank you. everytime i see aziz ansari on my dash i want to scream at the top of my lungs


Frankie Boyle told a rape joke about a Black boy with severe learning difficulties (the child of a British celeb) raping his mother-

-I want to scream every time I see him held up as a Good Example, or given a platform on the Guardian of all places.

allisbornagain replied to your post: I keep seeing people posting Frankie B…

Oh thank you for this post. I see a load of tweets liking him and I just remember a complete dickbag and I was starting to wonder about my grip on reality.

It really genuinely worries me that people are starting to listen to him, even about things other than his disgusting “hey guys disabled people are gonna die soon isn’t that awesome’ schtick. Ableism goes pretty unnoticed as it is. Sigh.

natalunasans replied to your post: I keep seeing people posting Frankie B…

Yeah cos i have no idea who this guy is.  Menos mal.

I shall tag any posts about him with ‘racist comedian frankie boyle’ because, ironically, he doesn’t like to be called that name



too right

Friendly reminder that white Western voluntourism (in addition to being the sentimental racist crap that is) can actually do far more harm than good.

On the one hand, the Tweet itself is sensible. On the other hand, it’s coming from somebody whose defining contribution to British comedy was calling a Black boy with severe learning difficulties a rapist, so…

I doubt he’s got any noble motives in mind.

I keep seeing people posting Frankie Boyle tweets and articles which sound perfectly reasonable, so…I guess now’s a good time to mention that he’s really, disgustingly ableist. I mean, even within the already massively ableist confines of ~controversial~ British comedy, we’re talking someone here who thinks it’s hilarious that people with Down’s Syndrome have shorter lifespans and compared a little Black boy with learning difficulties to a rapist.

He’s also racist. And sexist. He’s basically the human equivalent of the Daily Mail.

My strong dislike for Frankie Boyle

I know it’s old news, but hearing that the Wales Millenium Center has refused to book Frankie Boyle made me think of it again.

For those who don’t know, back in 2010 the Opinionated, Honest And Controversial ™ comedian Frankie Boyle made various jokes about Harvey Price, Katie ‘Jordan’ Price’s disabled son. To be exact, he said “Jordan and Peter Andre are still fighting each other over custody of Harvey – eventually one of them will lose and have to keep him.” and “I have a theory about the reason Jordan married a cage fighter – she needed a man strong enough to stop Harvey from fucking her.” Mmmm. Harvey Price is eight years old, by the way.

In what universe is it acceptable for an adult male to outright bully a small child? This one, apparently. It’s not just that, either, ableism seems to be all over British comedy these days. Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, they’re all at it, and the disabled are seen as fair game. Boyle did this. Gervais did this.

THIS IS THE SAME FUCKING MENTALITY that drove Fiona Pilkington to kill herself and her disabled daughter after years of harassment. It is stupid and wrong and I loathe it- I loathe Frankie Boyle and his ilk. A proper, deep, nasty loathing that I don’t like- but if he is determined to hurt people, I want to hurt him, too.

So good on the Millenium Center for fighting back. Basically.