aziz ansari tells rape jokes.

louis c.k. tells rape jokes and literally told rape survivors to “get the fuck over rape jokes”.

george carlin claimed that anything in the world could be funny and then proceeded to tell a story about something he saw on the news about an elderly woman getting raped. he was literally laughing so hard that he couldn’t finish his sentence. an old woman getting raped was that funny to him. 

ricky gervais told a graphic rape joke about a child trying to tell her parent that a man raped her.

i have seen literally all of these men called “feminists” and good allies because they managed to repeat what women have been saying for fucking decades so can we PLEASE have some respect for rape survivors and women in general and stop praising men for saying mediocre feminism 101 bullshit? because chances are a woman has already said it and the male comedian saying it now is going to tell another rape joke in 5 fucking seconds. 

thank you. everytime i see aziz ansari on my dash i want to scream at the top of my lungs


Frankie Boyle told a rape joke about a Black boy with severe learning difficulties (the child of a British celeb) raping his mother-

-I want to scream every time I see him held up as a Good Example, or given a platform on the Guardian of all places.