oh my god

i’m so confused rn, can you explain the goncharov thing?? i get off tumblr for five minutes



Nah I getchu. So this post has been circulating for like a year:

But yesterday, it had inspired someone to do this:

Next thing I knew there were fake Letterboxed reviews.

Goncharov moodboards. Really good ones.

Meta analysis. So many fake meta essays. Disturbingly good ones. And of course the memes.

As you can see, the myth just started to grow, characters and ships and tropes being added one after the other, almost bizzarely without contradiction, until there was enough of shape to the whole thing for people to start posting fanfic about it on AO3. “Ice-pick Joe” has already become a meme tag.

It was hilarious in the beginning, but the way it’s developed within less than a day, kind of like it’s being willed into existence, is freaking me out a bit. We’re toying with powers beyond our comprehension. 😂😂😂

Of course, there could be an ulterior motive as well.



tom holland just posted a video on instagram like “I’m sorry that there’s no new news on the spiderman sequel but I just got the script I’m about to read it!!” and he held up the script and it said “spider-man: far from home” so yeah he just spoiled the spider-man sequel title while announcing he had no news on the spider-man sequel,, good job tom











Babylonian era problems. (photo via tbc34)

old school hate mail

Imagine how pissed you have to be to engrave a rock

Ok but there was this guy called Ea-nasir who was a total crook and would actually cheat people ought of good copper and sell them shit instead.
The amount of correspondences complaining to and about this guy are HILARIOUS.

Are you telling me we know about a specific guy who lived 5000 years ago, by name, because he was a huge asshole

More like 4000 years ago but yes. Ea-nasir and his dodgy business deals.

And we haven’t even touched on the true hilarity of the situation yet. Consider two additional facts:

  • He wasn’t just into copper trading. There are letters complaining about Ea-nasir’s business practices with respect to everything from kitchenwares to real estate speculation to second-hand clothing. The guy was everywhere.
  • The majority of the surviving correspondences regarding Ea-nasir were recovered from one particular room in a building that is believed to have been Ea-nasir’s own house.

Like, these are clay tablets. They’re bulky, fragile, and difficult to store. They typically weren’t kept long-term unless they contained financial records or other vital information (which is why we have huge reams of financial data about ancient Babylon in spite of how little we know about the actual culture: most of the surviving tablets are commercial inventories, bills of sale, etc.).

But this guy, this Ea-nasir, he kept all of his angry letters – hundreds of them – and meticulously filed and preserved them in a dedicated room in his house. What kind of guy does that?

[ source ]

Okay, but imagine from the other guy’s point of view. You send angry letters about how Ea-nasir shipped you half a ton of subpar copper, and then 3800 years later—

History: you are without a doubt the worst business man ive ever heard of



Remember when Brooklyn 99 predicted its own future?


It is comments like that one that landed this guy on the cover of “Holy Shit: That Is Not Remotely The Point” magazine.