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Doctor Who (current) cast mood theme

FEATURING! Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston. Plus many guest stars and a few aliens. It’s been so long since I’ve made a mood theme that I’ve forgotten how they work, but here are all the images on Megaupload. And here’s examples!










I had to cheat a teeny bit- there's a Doctor Fastus cip in there, and some of Karen in The Kevin Bishop Show, and some of a much younger Arthur on CITV. But anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Icons and mood theme

There’s quite a lot of stuff here. :p

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1. 2.harrysmalltextlj 3.harryhairlj 4. trio3lj 5. siriusblacklj 6. hermionesmalltextlj 7. dursleyslj

8. withmelj 9. swbluelj 10. rememberlj 11. anidreamlj 12. sundieslj 13. quilj 14. leiasmalltextlj 15. lukeleialj 16. finalbattlelj 17. quismalltextlj 18. journeylj

19. listenlj 20. lucillelj 21. palaceprincesslj 22. s-heartlj 23. v-heartlj 24. j-heartlj 25. g-heartlj 26. a-heartlj 27. cantsavelj 28. fatherdaughterlj

29. fallinglj 30. nightmarelj 31. deconstructionlj 32. deconstructionbase 33. wallcrawlerlj 34. petergwenlj 35. norman2lj 36. spideychoicelj 37. spiderman2lj 38. spideymaryjanelj 39. notangellj 40. notangelbase 41. sinslj 42. facetofacelj 43. caughtlj 44. mjharrylj 45. unclebenlj 46. thegreengoblinlj

This works much the same as the Revenge of the Sith mood theme. :D


(frustrated, hyper, cold)

Please credit for the mood theme, it took absolutely ages.

Click for the images & Click for the coding


Brushes by calixa, booster_rocket and jeweledicecream
Screencaps by/from oxoniensis, gypsyjr, litt1er3d, here and Most of the ones from the first Spiderman movie by me. :D
Textures from Tre-xture


(no subject)

First of all, the icons, all ROTS (and one ROTS comic book image):

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-brushes by calixa

1. anakinpleaselj 2. anakinlj 3. obieyesclosedlj 4. fellapartlj 5. obipadmecomfortlj 6. obipadmecomfortbase 7. loverslj

And now…a Christmas present, of sorts. :D A ROTS mood theme.

(rejected, intimidated, lonely, enthralled, refreshed, uncomfortable)

Click for the images & Click for the coding

Download the zip file, take out the images and upload them to your own server.

(The rest taken from Livejournal’s FAQ…they explained it better. :p)

When you’re ready to continue, make sure you’re logged in, and go to LiveJournal’s command console, where you can enter the commands to define your mood theme. (There is a reference, in case you need it, which describes all of the console commands, and explains how to escape double-quote and backslash characters.)

The first thing you’re going to do is create the theme. Execute the command:

moodtheme_create name des


name = the name of your new theme, which will be displayed in the lists from which users select.
des = a short description for your theme, which will be accessible through the console’s moodtheme_list command.

For example:

moodtheme_create “Munch’s Screamers” “You’ve seen ‘distressed’. Now see the rest.”

If you’re successful, you’ll see a page which tells you so and gives you a number (the theme ID) identifying your new mood theme. Remember this number, as it will be used every time you enter information for a mood. (If you forget it, you can execute the moodtheme_list command to find out the IDs of all the themes available to you.)

Now it’s time for the tedious part. You’ll assign each of your image files to a mood, by executing a command of the form:

moodtheme_setpic themeID moodID picURL width height


themeID = the number given to you after you created the mood theme.
moodID = the number of a mood for which you created an icon; you can find these numbers in parentheses on the LiveJournal Moods page (example: 15 for “happy”).
picURL = the full URL (Web address) of your mood icon.
width = width of the image, in pixels.
height = height of the image, in pixels.

For the assignment to take effect, you must provide all of the information listed. For example:

moodtheme_setpic 180 15 20 20

[this is what’s in the ‘coding’ file]

When you’ve finished creating your theme, you can go to the Modify Journal page, and select the new theme as the mood icon set for your journal.