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First of all, the icons, all ROTS (and one ROTS comic book image):

-comment, credit, don’t hotlink
-brushes by calixa

1. anakinpleaselj 2. anakinlj 3. obieyesclosedlj 4. fellapartlj 5. obipadmecomfortlj 6. obipadmecomfortbase 7. loverslj

And now…a Christmas present, of sorts. :D A ROTS mood theme.

(rejected, intimidated, lonely, enthralled, refreshed, uncomfortable)

Click for the images & Click for the coding

Download the zip file, take out the images and upload them to your own server.

(The rest taken from Livejournal’s FAQ…they explained it better. :p)

When you’re ready to continue, make sure you’re logged in, and go to LiveJournal’s command console, where you can enter the commands to define your mood theme. (There is a reference, in case you need it, which describes all of the console commands, and explains how to escape double-quote and backslash characters.)

The first thing you’re going to do is create the theme. Execute the command:

moodtheme_create name des


name = the name of your new theme, which will be displayed in the lists from which users select.
des = a short description for your theme, which will be accessible through the console’s moodtheme_list command.

For example:

moodtheme_create “Munch’s Screamers” “You’ve seen ‘distressed’. Now see the rest.”

If you’re successful, you’ll see a page which tells you so and gives you a number (the theme ID) identifying your new mood theme. Remember this number, as it will be used every time you enter information for a mood. (If you forget it, you can execute the moodtheme_list command to find out the IDs of all the themes available to you.)

Now it’s time for the tedious part. You’ll assign each of your image files to a mood, by executing a command of the form:

moodtheme_setpic themeID moodID picURL width height


themeID = the number given to you after you created the mood theme.
moodID = the number of a mood for which you created an icon; you can find these numbers in parentheses on the LiveJournal Moods page (example: 15 for “happy”).
picURL = the full URL (Web address) of your mood icon.
width = width of the image, in pixels.
height = height of the image, in pixels.

For the assignment to take effect, you must provide all of the information listed. For example:

moodtheme_setpic 180 15 http://www.yoursite.com/happy.gif 20 20

[this is what’s in the ‘coding’ file]

When you’ve finished creating your theme, you can go to the Modify Journal page, and select the new theme as the mood icon set for your journal.