do u think that when the wives returned they had some sort of memorial/funeral for angharad? what was that like?


Okay first of all how dare you

I don’t think they had a funeral or memorial the way we would have one today. They were given very little time to mourn after her death, and when they return to the Citadel they have so much work to do. So I don’t think they stop to have a service or anything like that.

But I do think they remember her in other, smaller way. More and more of the Citadel’s inhabitants start referring to bullets as “anti-seeds”. “We are not things” and “Who killed the world?” become common phrases, almost benedictions.

Most importantly, I think the War Boys need a new god to turn to. Immortan Joe wasn’t so immortan, and now there are four sisters and an imperator in his place, so they start to see the women as…not necessarily deities, but sacred, in a sense. And I think they quickly come to replace the idea of riding alongside Immortan Joe on the highways of Valhalla with wandering the gardens of the Green Place with the Mother, the Splendid Angharad. I touched upon this a little in “where must we go?”, but I really think Cheedo and Dag encourage this.

So it’s not in a big “this is our goodbye” sort of way, it’s more of a “this is how we keep you with us”.