Beauty and the Beast → LeFou’s happy dancing ending

Uhhhh….I am 99% sure my movie theatre cut this bit.

Can any other Brits confirm? Or did it happen so fast I missed it?


please stop with the “Making an IDIOT Disney’s first gay character is SO OFFENSIVE!” It’s obviously not being said in relation to the character being a (minor) villain but in relation to him being of perceived low intelligence, and – having a low IQ isn’t a bad thing, guys, you know this.

I think I’m gonna remain optimistic about the Beauty and the Beast LeFou thing until the movie comes out. I’m hoping the storyline will actually be him ditching Gaston and heading off with a man who treats him better, one of the human servant characters I guess? I don’t know. My expectations are low but my hopes are high.

(Side note: I actually do like LeFou, if only because as the comic relief character he was naturally my favourite next to Belle when I was 4. Being so young neither me nor my siblings could pronounce his name, so we just called him “little baddie”.)