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Josh Gad and Luke Evans set for Beauty and the Beast prequel series —

Josh Gad and Luke Evans will reprise their roles as LeFou and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast for a new prequel series, set to debut on Disney Plus.

Josh Gad and Luke Evans set for Beauty and the Beast prequel series —

I’m so curious as to how they’re going to do this. I mean… is this going to be the backstory of LeFou falling for Gaston? That would be the obvious way to go if only Gad and Evans have signed on, right? There were a few lines about their joint past in the movie. If so how are Disney+ gonna do that with their utterly exasperating mostly-anti-LGBT stance?

Eh. We’ll see.



Disney’s Beauty and the beast cast Is Gaston a villain or misunderstood?

I see him as the biggest villainous threat in any of the Disney films. He has no special powers. He’s not Jafar, or Ursula, or Maleficent. He’s a human being! He’s an arrogant, narcissistic, bigoted, chauvinistic, self-absorbed man who, once he’s told no, is driven by jealousy and revenge to fuel the fear of quite an idiotic group of villagers to go kill something they’ve never seen before. I mean, it resonates massively to what’s happening in the political climate throughout the world now. Luke Evans

there’s one bit in the original Beauty and the Beast that’s bugged me ever since I saw it as a kid? It’s when Mrs Potts is sending Chip to bed and she says “hop into the cupboard with your brothers and sisters” and there are? lots of other Chip-like cups in there?

possible conclusions to be drawn from this:

  • mrs potts has over 20 children but only actually cares about one of them
  • there were tons of children in the castle when it was cursed and none of them bar Chip had parents or guardians
  • the cursed servants, going mad with the isolation, have taken to drawing faces on the actually inanimate objects and treating them like children

none of these possibilities are good


listen the original beauty and the beast 1991 line is “if he could learn to love another and earn her love in return” 

but (unless i misheard which i don’t think i did) the 2017 version is “and earn their love in return,” which i am taking as 100% rock solid evidence that not only is lefou gay in this one but the beast has also been revamped as pansexual and the curse could’ve been broken by a cute nerd of any gender so long as they were ready to fight the beast on his literary tastes

What I think Beauty and the Beast could’ve benefited from is an epilogue scene, something taking place after the happily-ever-after. Show Belle becoming a teacher or an inventor or something. Yeah, she’s gonna be a princess but she can still have a job, so let’s see her teaching other children to read, like she was doing with that one villager girl, or distributing her laundry invention to the washerwomen. The movie made a lot of how girls in the village are mistreated and left uneducated and that never went anywhere, no-one fixed it. Why not show her fixing it? :(

(There’s other things an epilogue could’ve done too! It could’ve shown Lefou happy with his new boyfriend, and Lumiere and Plumette getting married, and all sorts of fun stuff.)