john hurt


“The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men.”

You were known for a great many good deeds, and a vast list of memorable roles.  But you will never be forgotten as our grandfather to the Old Religion.  Thank you for being such a big part of our adventure, and may your soul rest in peace.


R.I.P John Hurt (22.01.1940 – 28.01.2017/

We will always remember when The Doctor was YOU.


My favorite BBC Merlin fact (for which I can’t find the source! I think it’s in s1 commentary) is when they were casting the Great Dragon no one really though John Hurt would agree to this dinky little show with four no-name main actors, but then he was essentially like “hell yeah I want to be a dragon.” And that’s my kind of attitude tbh.


One of the most versatile and talented thespians of his generation, John
Hurt has been turning out one amazing performance after another for
decades. Probably best known as Kane, the first victim of the xenomorph
in Alien, he’s well known to a whole new generation of younger
viewers from his roles in movies like Harry Potter, Hellboy, and Indiana
Jones 4. This is my tribute to a brilliant actor.