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Preview: Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon SC — Graphic Policy

The post Preview: Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon SC appeared first on Graphic Policy. Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon SC Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! StudiosWriter: Olivia OlsonArtist: Slimm FabertColorist: SJ MillerLetterer: Mike FiorentinoCover Artist: Brittney WilliamsPrice: $19.99 The more things change, the more they stay the same… After surviving the aftermath of the…

Preview: Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon SC — Graphic Policy

I want this comic so badly. Just these preview panels alone are breaking my heart.

I love Simon and his relationship with Marceline so, so much. I really badly hope something like this happens in the four special episodes next year.


Adventure Time is back! For four new episodes! And I am delighted!

I wonder what the new characters will be like? I guess that lil blue guy must be from the Glass Kingdom?

A few days before this news hit, I heard that some interesting developments happened in the “Marcy and Simon” comics, which carried on the story after the finale. And they brought Betty back! I’ve heard mixed things about that, some folks think it negates what happened in the TV finale. And I can see where they’re coming from, but… I really REALLY wanted Betty and Simon to have their happy ending. I haven’t read the comic yet, I’m going to try and get it tomorrow, but I really hope they work that into the new episodes somehow.

I mean, this alone in the comics made me wanna cry:

Give me Simon and Marcy interacting! Give me Betty back! Please?

The one other thing I hope they incorporate into the new show (apart from more Bubbline, but I’m hoping that’s a given?) is this:

It also makes me wanna cry, every time I see it.


Everything Stays

I’ve never done Adventure Time art before, the story of Marcy and Simon is so got-damn sweet and heartbreaking, after watching this season I just had to. 

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Also, sidenote, I am open for commissions! If you’d like me to draw something for you, be it an OC, your favorite character, or a frozen waffle riding a velociraptor, just message me and ask!

Rough Price Estimates:
  Rough sketch: $8 (+$4 per extra character)
  Simple Illustration(no background, rough coloring):$15 (+$8 per extra character)
  Finished Full Illustration(clean lines, clean colors, full background): $25-35 (+$12 per extra character)

(Prices are flexible)