hell yeah



I’m just saying that it’s very likely one of the handmaidens of naboo didn’t have ideas befitting her station.

I mean, the danger of taking a bunch of teenage girls and teaching them how to read the political fabric of the galaxy while also acting at all times as befits a queen, plus inculcating in them the belief that at any time they may be asked to lay down their lives, is that that’s what you get.

you basically created a bunch of whipsmart girls who give no fucks, which means that when padme says “we’re going to relax our stance the tariff with regard to agricultural products from Chandrila,” sabe says, “no, that’ll badly impact the northeastern rural sectors”

and padme says, “I was elected queen,” and sabe says, “well, I’m the one acting as queen in that meeting so—”

……………which is also another way of saying that padme probably angrily made out with sabe sometimes, in between really intense political discussions about economic projections and polling numbers.




Hollywood continues freaking awesome gender-reversal trend with ‘Splash’ remake

The internet raised its collective hands in praise on Monday as news hit that a new remake of the classic 1984 film Splash would star Channing Tatum—as the mermaid.

What we do know about the Splash remake is that signing Channing Tatum to play the role originally occupied by 80s sex symbol Daryl Hannah (and comedian Jillian Bell in the original Tom Hanks role) continues a well-overdue trend of Hollywood gender role-reversals, following on the heels of the all-female Ghostbusters remake.

The casting isn’t the only aspect of the Splash remake that puts women in lead roles. Here’s how the film is bringing women to the forefront. 

Truly, Charming Tatertot is the hero our 14-year-old selves deserve.