When the spell backfired on Ginny, the only thing louder than the roar of magic was Luna’s laughter. -evayna

And she knew it was just a dream, of course. Despite what people muttered about her in the Hogwarts halls, she could tell dreams from reality, thanks very much. But it was nice to have Ginny with her in an unguarded moment.

“I’ll grant, that was pretty damn funny,” said Ginny. Fireworks were going off all around her and reflecting in the light of her eyes.

[Five sentence fanfic meme!]

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If you have a plot, and Gamora happens to be trans, ok. If it’s about Gamora being trans, it’s not your story to tell.

It was gonna be Peter and Gamora just sort of sitting around discussing their lives/childhoods after the events of GOTG2. So they’d end up talking about all the lost siblings they had between them (cos Gamora has a ton of them too) and about how they both forgave a family member who wronged them (Yondu and Nebula) and just sort of general plotless stuff with Gamora’s gender (which she mentions once or twice I guess?) playing second fiddle to what she thinks about all the things the conversation is about, if that makes sense? One of those meandering affairs where nothing happens except a lot of Character