Can I just rant for a little tiny second? Kthx. Look at bby Eponine’s face. She’s like six years old and dad is basically already teaching her how to be a criminal, but she thinks it’s so funny. It’s like….the special game she gets to play with her daddy and she’s so innocent and impressionable and she just adores him and wants to make him proud and hero-worships him and loves him so much then everything changes later and when he hurts her she must just—akrhga;flakfbalskasdkgas;bhjgfal typerventilating.

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There’s one that brings her up decently frequently. It’s an Eponine x Enjolras fic (sort of) and Eponine tries to get Azelma to come with her and Enjolras when they’re going to a little town far away to hide and Azelma is with Montparnesse. Its gr8

Ooh thanks!

I just went to look at the AO3 tag for her. There’s almost nothing with her as a main character, and she’s not in many ships- I guess like her sister, she’s on her own…

Wait………Eponine and Gavroche are brother and sister………? I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life -Anonymous

In the book, they are! But their terrible, terrible parents basically kicked Gavroche out into the street, so I don’t think they really know each other all that well. It’s appallingly sad.

The movie actually cut a line out where Gavroche refers to Eponine as his sister. I’m hoping they’ll stick it back in for the rumoured extended edition, because we could use more heartbreak…

The other night, instead of doing any of the 24601 things I was meant to be doing, I made this instead. Not to be used as a substitute for reading the book! Unless of course you want it to be.

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