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Oh, and ‘Dalek’…

I don’t have a new favourite, but I do now have a new second-favourite. :) Looking at last week’s episode, and then looking at this one, you practically wouldn’t have thought they were part of the same series (apart from that bloke in leather running around). This one was dark. Hardly any humour, but one heck of a lot of angst…

That being said, the hairdryer joke was funny. ;)

First off: the Bad Wolf reference (the name of the helicopter- Bad Wolf 1)…nah, nothing to say here. I’m stumped. Maybe this one’s a red herring. (Then again, someone suggested it was something that was chasing the Doctor through time and leaving clues, or something…that’s pretty good.)

And secondly, wow! at all the angsty stuff. Can barely begin to describe it all, to be honest…I mean, he left Rose behind. He trapped her outside. He just left her. And he’d had a conversation with her mother, and he was risking her life…

‘You would make a fine dalek.’

That was actually rather true, by that point. *wibble* I love CE’s Doctor. You just get the feeling he could be such a great good guy, if only it wasn’t for the war (Gallifrey going BOOM…) XD Dammit, I want to see the rest of this without having to wait. *pout*

Still can’t get over him leaving her outside, though. Oh, I hope we get the fallout from that…

Other highlights:

‘I MADE it happen!’
‘Sorry I was a bit slow…it wasn’t your fault.’
‘Not by choice.’
‘I win.’

And many, many more…oh, and ‘Fantastic’ never sounded so chilling before.

More thoughts on Dr Who

Well, after the episode ended I went to, as it has down become tradition to do so. Okay, it’s being edited by Mickey. Okay, we get another Bad Wolf mention. And then there’s this, and I’ve looked all over the place to see if anyone’s discussing it, and no-one’s brought it up yet but…

I just wish I still didn’t suspect he’d brought it all to earth. Somehow.

Is it just me, or is this the biggest clue we’ve had so far? If it didn’t mean anything, it probably wouldn’t be there…it’s got to be a clue. Remember ‘he has one constant companion…death’? This sounds similar…

My strange theory is that the Bad Wolf is a curse of some kind, designed to punish the Doctor for his role in the Time War. Well, I’ll stick to that until I see evidence to the contrary, anyway. ;)

(And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s lost the ability to regenerate, too. I dunno…bear in mind here that I’ve never seen the old series and thus am not entirely sure how it works. ;) )

More stuff…

The Doctor and Mickey

It really seems like there’s something going on there. I can’t shake the feeling that maybe the Doctor was testing him somehow. And now I’m wondering if ‘I wish I didn’t still suspect…’ has something to do with this- if Mickey knows something the others don’t…

The Doctor and Rose

There is just so much to think about here…

Rose leads a uninteresting life. This alien bloke with his planet gone suddenly wanders into it and invites her to come with him instead. She does. And he doesn’t want her to stay home, he won’t come to tea with Jackie, and he entices her away from tea with her mother as well. He doesn’t want to lose her, not even to people who already love her, he needs her like he’s never needed anyone before…

(Makes you wonder if they put Toxic in episode 2 for more than laughs: I’m addicted to you…etc.)

‘I could save the world and lose you.’ And he didn’t lose her. At least not yet. What’s the bet that it comes down to that- Rose or the rest of the world? What if he has to let her go? Would he? And why didn’t they come back after ten seconds? What if one of them is dead? GAH.

There’s definately a dark undercurrent to this show. Think of it from Jackie’s perspective…her daughter (and the only remaining member of her immediate family) has gone off with an alien, and she could die, and she doesn’t seem to really realize that, and she’s not back yet…and this alien almost wants to keep her away from her daughter, and her daughter might be infatuated with him…imagine in real life, if your daughter went off to travel the world with a bloke who looked at least twenty years older than her, and he couldn’t promise she’d be safe…you’d be terrified.

Actually, I’m beginning to think this a dark show with funny elements rather than a funny show with dark elements. Or maybe I should go watch it again…or something.

Doctor Who: World War Three

-My favourite moment this time around: the Doctor asking about the poor Siltheened Downing Street bloke. Can’t remember the exact exchange, but I believe it went something like this ‘Who was this man?’ ‘I brought him a cup of coffee once.’ ‘I’m sorry.’

-Mickey redeems himself! w00t. XD Probably my favourite line of the episode: ‘Mickey the idiot…the world is in your hands.’ And the Doctor asked if he wanted to come with them! I wasn’t expecting that…was anyone?

-This one seemed so short. Maybe it was just that time goes fast when you’re watching good TV, but still…

-‘I could save the world but lose you.’…okay, maybe not quite the heartrending angst everyone was hoping for, but still. ;)

-‘Weapons of mass destruction.’ Oh yes. XD I wasn’t at all surprised when that came up.

-For my fellow HP fans: wouldn’t that blonde Siltheen woman make a fantastic Umbridge when they get around to casting OOTP? ;)

-Funniest bit: ‘Oh bol-‘ *BOOM*

Y’know…weirdly enough, that’s all I can find to say about this episode. It was good, it just seemed a bit…lighter than I was expecting. But this is more than made up for by the fact that we’ve practically been told who the Big Bad Wolf is. :D

So, ranking ’em again: EOTW, AOL, WW3, TUD, Rose. (I’ll be impressed if anything gets higher than EOTW, though, to be honest.)

Doctor Who: Aliens Of London


-First thing: the line from the trailer at the end: ‘I could save the world…but lose you.’ GAH. Which pretty much says it all.

-Why did the Doctor keep calling Mickey Ricky, anyway? Probably doesn’t like him because he figures he took Rose for granted, but I won’t be surprised it if turns out to actually be for a reason. (My theory: Mickey took over Clive’s website, but used the name Ricky instead. And the Doctor knows. Er, somehow.)

-‘I don’t go anywhere without her.’ I’m not a shipper. I’m really not. (I have a feeling most of my most favoured ships began with those words.

-‘Is this relationship…sexual?’ ‘NO!’ *snicker*

-The supporting characters were really good in this one…that random Downing Street bloke, the girl at the hospital, Harriet-what’s-her-name…I think RTD’s strength definately lies in characterization.

-I liked the Doctor’s sympathy for the pig. It just makes sense- they share the planet after all. ;) Actually, Christopher Eccleston was really good in this one. There’s also that bit when he suddenly finds himself looking at a bucnh of guns…he grins sheepishly and then starts giving orders. Perfect. :D He was much more in control in this one than he was in Unquiet Dead.

-He shouldn’t have gone off without Rose, though. :p

-Ooh! Almost forgot…anyone else spot Matt Lucas? :D

My predictions for World War Three (the next bit):
-Something happens to Jackie. (Good grief, she’s only been in two episodes and been in peril in both.) Either she dies or…er…she doesn’t. Yesh. (I could go and look to see if she’s listed for any episodes beyond this one, but I’ll resist. For now.)
-Mickey redeems himself somewhat. (C’mon, you can’t be a cowardly klutz all the time. XD)
-Fandom explodes on seeing the trailer for Dalek. So does half the British population.

Ranking so far, from best to still good: End of the World, Aliens of London, The Unquiet Dead, Rose. (To be updated, obviously) ;)

Oh, and just before I go…someone at the BBC is having an insane amount of fun with this. ;)

Thoughts on ‘The Unquiet Dead’

-I will freely admit I nearly had a heart attack at ‘The things you’ve seen…the bad wolf!‘ But only because I’d been reading a thread about it at Outpost Gallifrey, about the graffiti and the other (clearly rather missable, at least to me ;) ) times that phrase has shown up, and I didn’t expect it to actually be said like that in only the third episode! :0

There’s a (surprisingly popular) theory going around that the Bad Wolf is the Doctor, and that that means he’s not really the Doctor at all. Which makes no sense to me, because can you really imagine the series ending with ‘Actually, he’s not the Doctor after all…(and don’t forget to join us for series 2)!’ I for one would feel incredibly cheated (mostly because heck, I love Chris’s Doctor) I think the Bad Wolf is what started the war, although that wouldn’t explain why Rose has seen it. Maybe it’s on Earth, whatever it is, and she saw it before she met the Doctor.

-I take it the shippers among us noticed all the instances of the Doctor protecting Rose? The one which springs to mind is when they’re backing away from the zombies, he has his arm in front of her…

-And then of course there’s ‘I’m so glad I met you.’ (and the handholding, which must happen at least once an episode ;) )

-I also think it’s written into Chris’s contract ‘Must say ‘Fantastic’ at least once an episode ;)’

-Not sure I like the idea of Rose bunking off school, but that’s mostly because around here it seems to be mostly the bad kids who do that. ;)

-The conversation between Rose and Gwyneth was interesting (Would a Victorian maid know that ‘bum’ meant ‘bottom’, though?). And it worked well showing how talking about the opposite sex had changed over all the years…I think Rose and Gwyneth maybe became friends too fast (after just one conversation) but maybe Gwyneth was right when she said Rose thought she was stupid. I think Rose has a protective side to her, she was treating Gwyneth like a younger sister or something (although I wish there’d been more talk about her at the end, in the Tardis or something)

-So was exactly was the Doctor going to do with the Gelth? He said that they could ‘recycle’ the dead bodies, and Rose objected, and then Gwyneth said she’d help, and then the Doctor said that whatever he was going to do with the Gelth was only a temporary solution…I’m confused. Help. :p

-I jumped when the red devil thing suddenly appeared. And I know you did too. ;)

On the whole, I didn’t like it as much as End of the World…I think I liked it about the same as Rose. (And next week, bits of London start getting blown up. Nifty ;) )

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I am *so* a Doctor Who fan now.

I decided I couldn’t leave it like that- so if you haven’t seen it yet, click back, quickly! (I wish that somehow I could get it onto the computer and upload it to somewhere, but I think I’m missing the technology. :( )

What I liked- spoilers!

I liked the first episode, I really did, but this blew it out of the water. My favourite things-

-The end of the world set to Toxic by Britney Spears. I hate to say it, but that. was. so. funny.

-As was ‘bitchy trampoline’ XD

And now on to the emotional stuff :'( …

-Rose talking to her mother on the time-transending phone, and of course she has no idea her daughter is about to watch the planet blow up…

-The one moment where Rose seems to be regretting her decision ‘…with this man…who I don’t even know…’

-The Doctor closing his eyes and stepping through the last rotating fan…in slow-mo. XD

-The chemistry between Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. They’re great. Especially that conversation with them both on different sides of the stairs- Rose and the Doctor have a connection, but they’re still quite a long way apart…

-The Doctor coming back into the room after Jabe has died, talking to the other trees, bringing back Cassandra and letting her die even though Rose is horrified.

-The ending- back on Earth, going to get chips. It was just perfect. It was like…the world ended, but here, life goes on.

-It is going to be really hard to see Chris’s Doctor regenerate… :(

Sorry, guys- but as long as I have this, maybe I don’t need Lost after all. ;)

Doctor Who icons

I had a dream about Christopher Eccleston last night. He was standing in my alleyway and told me he was taking me to see Arnold Schwarzinegger. I said ‘Okay, Doctor,’ and he flicked his ears in response. Then he took me to a garage, in which there was a very small red car painted to look like there were bloodstains all over it.


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