disneyland paris

Vintage Disneyland: DLP in 2001!

Poor old Disneyland Paris, it was always the underdog of the Disney parks, insofar that anything pulling in millions per year can be an underdog. It’s considered the worst of the Disneys. But it’s not, I promise you it’s not! It has its own French flavour and I really love it.

And here’s what it looked like in 2001…

I’m a big fan of animatronics and DLP hosts two terrific ones: the Dragon and the Giant Squid. If you have submechanophobia like me, try not to think too hard about how the squid is cleaned and maintained, mmkay?

A lesser-known animatronic in the park is this guy, the crocodile which sits outside of the Rainforest Cafe. He was still there as of 2017!

Here’s some shots of the parade through the Magic Kingdom. This was before the Studios part of the park opened, so no parades there.

But there was only one year to go until it DID open, so you could still see the entry gates and the water tower, you just couldn’t go in.

This is the Main Street Electrical Parade, which I’m sure looked MUCH better in real life. Sadly it exists no more, at least not in Paris. :(

And lastly… There’s no photos of me in here because I was hideous-looking in 2001, acne and puberty hit bad, so please enjoy this picture of the castle which I luckily am not in.

Happy birthday, Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris turns 28 today. (It is in fact younger than me.)

It’s sad to think the park is closed for now and no-one is having a party, but what can ya do. Here’s some of the photos I snapped when I was there for my honeymoon back in 2017. Dave had never been to a Disney park so I decided to take him.

a couple of random disneyland things:

– met a child who was adamant that Timon’s name was Randy, called him Randy throughout

– saw a guy try to lift Donald Duck up for whatever bizarre reason, he immediately got yelled at by the staff & then apologised to Donald Duck by name

– went on Crush’s Coaster and realised too late that it was really a proper rollercoaster and I had nowhere to put my phone, I put it in my bra and spent the whole ride terrified that it would fly out and whack someone/break the ride

– Crush’s Coaster is really good btw, lack of phone storage aside

– jar jar binks, of all people, is included on the Star Tours ride