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Her red gloves have fingernails attached to them, which is so FANTASTICALLY extra.

The Luci Logs:

“Step into the room like it’s a catwalk”

Her fashion in the two live action films of 101/102 Dalmations and the fact Glenn Close played her, I cannot see anyone else play her. Even the actress in Once upon a time was similar but nobody can beat Glenn. I picture my wardrobe would become avant-garde like hers after a heartbreak and ready to dive into villainy.

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bill’s clothes

I’ve nearly finished screencapping Doctor Who S10 and it’s got me thinking about how Bill’s character is revealed through costume. I, a person with no costume design or fashion experience whatsoever, will attempt to explain:

Almost every time we see Bill, she’s wearing something that’s bright and bold and colourful, often with stripes (Bill REALLY loves stripes.)


Her denim jacket is especially interesting, because it looks just like her mother’s one. (For a while I thought it was the same one, but actually I don’t think it is.) Oh, and Bill’s mother liked to wear colourful stripey outfits as well, with lots of red and yellow and blue.


So that’s where she inherited her fashion sense from! And I also noticed, once I finally found a close up of the denim jacket, that its patches (which I’m guessing Bill sewed on herself?) are all clues about Bill and what will happen to her:


The rainbow speaks for itself. The WOW! is all about her excitement at getting out in the world and seeing new things. And the skull and the robot… well, they speak for themselves too I guess. I suppose if I wanted to get really analytical (and I do) maybe the placement of the patches are significant too. The skull is next to the WOW! indicating that this wonderful new adventure Bill is on might lead to her death. But the rainbow is above the robot, and it’s Bill’s crush on another girl which saves her from dying as a Cyber-converted robot.

There’s a patch on the back too:


Which I read as “? & i”, which I guess kinda sums up in three characters the journey of any Companion and Doctor. Question mark, and I.

Anyway! The other thing I noticed is that Bill wears bright and bold colours… except when she’s in a position of powerlessness. Then, everything goes dreary and grey and all the fashionable clothes turn into drab uniforms and dirty rags.

(cut for length)

In Lie of the Land, she’s stuck wearing the same greyish-black outfit that all the people in the Monk’s society seem to wear.


And in World Enough and Time, she goes through a variety of grey/white/brown clothes (which gradually turn into rags) as she waits for the Doctor to rescue her. Again, these are the sort of clothes everyone wears in that world, so there’s nothing to make her stand out.


Which eventually ends in her being turned into a Cyberman. The ultimate uniform, featureless, colourless thing.


But obviously that’s not quite the end of her story. Heather comes along and saves her and gives her her bright colourful clothes back. It’s actually occurred to me that Heather probably reconstructed Bill’s clothes from memory (no nudity in a family show!) and she almost got it right:


A black top and circular earrings (what Bill was wearing the first time Heather ever saw her) and a blue jacket (what Bill was wearing the last time Heather saw her).

And one last thing – Extremis actually bucks the trend of Bill wearing bright colours. In that, she’s all in greys.


Maybe that was our first clue that that wasn’t really her…


Fun factoid


Padme’s attire in AOTC, especially the refugee outfit was largely inspired by vintage russian fashion. 

Her headdress (Kokoshnik) was a large part of Russian fashion back in the 1920′s (And is still very cherished today!)

Padme’s “simple” look during the scenes where she and Anakin arrive on Naboo are inspired directly by some of the oldest Russian fashion trends

Below is a photo of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova posing for a vintage postcard,  followed by a photo of Natalie Portman from a deleted scene in ROTS wearing a very similar outfit! 

This isn’t the first time Padme wears the kokoshnik either, She wears a softer cloth version of it during her scene with Anakin while taking in a meal

And of course the metal version as she boards the ship to Naboo




In A New Hope, Luke’s all-white clothes make a stark contrast with Vader’s all-black ensemble hearkening back to the serial westerns of the 1940s and 1950s, in which the goods wore white and the bads, black. Luke’s outfits continue to emphasize his characterization in this way throughout the trilogy. In The Empire Strikes Back, when he journeys to meet Yoda or to rescue his friends on Bespin, his fatigues are a light gray, showing that he has traveled from the innocent idealism of his youth and has placed himself in peril of straying to the Dark Side. By the time we get to Return of the Jedi, he has adopted an all-black wardrobe, not meaning he has gone over to the Dark Side, but instead, recalling a priest or monk’s garb, and linking him visually to his father, with whose fate he is so deeply connected with.

the “from white to gray to black” evolution

#luke saying ‘i am a jedi like my father before me’ in all-black clothes is so impoRTANT

the symbolism of color in Luke’s wardrobe is capped at the very end of RotJ, where the lapels of his jacket open up to show they had a white lining, showing that even though he came close to falling into darkness, good was always at his core.



A Definitive Ranking of all of Padmé Amidala’s Outfits 

Or, you know, as definitive as you can get when consulting one person. Because Bria enjoys torturing herself, she decided to rank all 36 of the outfits that Padmé wears in the three films.  All of them.  No ties, no ignoring looks.  All of them ranked from 1-36.


Oh, this is awesome

Rey and Kylo Ren’s costumes


so idk if this has been pointed out already, but Rey’s and Kylo’s costumes are literally mirror images of each other, Rey’s is just the white version and Kylo’s is just the black version

the four panels of fabric below the waist in the front and back

the leather belt, gloves, and of course the bandaged fabric on the arms

the masks/head covering that drapes the shoulders

the light side and dark side of the force symbolism between these two characters is literally reflected in what they’re wearing and i’m just ???

and the fact that kylo’s is so much more layered and concealing, and he’s always donning the mask, effectively hiding his body, face, and emotions because he just wants to be cloaked in darkness and it’s just ???

Analysing The Ponds #3: Colours And Costumes- Amy, River and supporting characters

Second part of Colours and Costumes!


One part of Amy’s costume I really like is the ‘A’ necklace-

A for Amy. She wears it in almost every episode- it’s absent in A Good Man Goes To War, which makes me sad- her captors took her identity from her. But by Let’s Kill Hitler, it’s back. It’s prominently on display in TDTWATW too. Amy is Amy, no matter where she goes.

Now, little Amelia wears red, as she always has done:

And plaid, of course. Blue plaid…even as a little girl she was all red and blue. This shirt is very similar to Rory’s favoured plaid, too:

When Amy is lost in the woods, she’s wearing red. Just like the fairytale girl lost in the woods. Amy is Little Red Riding Hood(ie), trying to get away from the monsters hiding in the trees. And of course Flesh And Stone is where Amy is most confused about what she wants (the Doctor? Rory? Marriage?) – she’s lost-

Ah, and red is the colour of Lust:

Then, of course, there’s all this other colour stuff going on too!


River’s character is quite opened up by means of costume, I sometimes feel.

Melody is of course all wrapped in up white as a baby. As Mels, she starts off wearing white and then graduates to dark colours:

When we first meet Mels, she’s still in black, mostly:

And then River purposefully changes into black and dark colours (With costumes borrowed, ur, from Nazis, if I remember correctly). She still has a hint of that pinky-beige colour she wore as Mels, though:

Ah, but the Doctor got changed to match her, he’s in black too:

But at the end, when River’s overcome her brainwashing and reconnected with those who love her, she’s wearing white, the usual colour of the Good Guy. (Why this has to be the usual colour of the Good Guy I don’t know) and a sign that her slate has been wiped clean.

It’s dark colours from here on in, though. As River goes to study archelogy, she’s wearing dark red (Red being the colour of her parents. Also, interestingly, the colour of her school tie. Melody + schooling seems to = that colour):

In Closing Time, she’s in black and the same colour red-

And in The Wedding Of River Song, she’s all in black. Not the colour you’d usually choose for a wedding, her life and marriage will be tinged with sadness:

Now that she’s married to the Doctor, River starts dressing like the TARDIS, all blue. (Her Victorian dress is quite reminisent of Idris’s dress…)

And lots of green, the colour of life.

Ah, here’s an interesting thing. Amy’s prayer leaf is entirely in River’s colours- the greyish-green of her dress, and gold. A clue that seems obvious in hindsight…

To The Pandorica Opens! As befits a woman who has many identities (Melody, Mels, River), River has tremendous fun dressing up in different costumes:

Not unlike her mother:

Throughout the rest of The Pandorica Opens, River’s wearing white again. Interestingly, this is an episode where she connects with her parents a lot, returning to Amy’s old house even- the white seems to bind her to her parents and past…

At the end of The Big Bang, at her parent’s wedding, River’s wearing black. Again, odd colour to wear for a wedding. Maybe she knows that shortly her parent’s lives will be tinged with sadness… (although she’s not exactly dressed for a funeral either)

Black again in Time Of Angels. Every time (before Let’s Kill Hitler) when River shows her mysterious side, she’s wearing black. And at this point the Doctor doesn’t know if he can trust her or not-

(Course, she has a bit of dark red in there, for her parents and her profession…)

But she’s soon back to a lighter colour:

Similar to her Doctor…

And her mother.

And finally, at the end of River’s life, she’s wearing white, the eternal Good Guy. (I’m quite sure the white dress at the end of Forest Of The Dead was meant to bring to mind a bride):

One more note on River’s costume: here’s the first time we see her…

…an astronaut…

We should have seen it coming.

Supporting characters

When we first meet Ambrose Northover, she’s wearing almost exactly what Amy was wearing in Amy’s Choice, (same long shirt, same sort of top, same hair, even!) but with the colours reversed. Both are mothers, one created, one destroyed. Ambrose is the reverse of Amy. But in some ways they are similar- both kill a woman because of what that woman did to their child.

After the Ponds have become parents, the Doctor encounters another couple of parents. Both families have a child that they love, but don’t understand. Their costumes bind the two seperate stories together-

The Doctor was right to fear for Amy and Rory in The God Complex. The two dead girls are wearing their clothes:

Howie is dressed like Rory, too (which I like, since Howie is the one Rory builds a connection with):

Ah, this- this is bloody sad. Must’ve been done on purpose, too. You’ve got a young couple- a man in a blue shirt, a woman all in beiges and light colours. But one couple has a baby to raise, and the other one…

That’s it for now. Next up is River Song herself!