bradgate park

Finally, OUTSIDE

After four months of going nowhere but the occasional field I have been to Bradgate Park in Leicester! Oh thank god. It’s so nice to BE OUT.

No-one else was wearing masks… apart from this elf we found in a tree on the way there.

I took a panorama with my phone once we got there. Surprisingly there are no deer in it (they are everywhere)

See, here’s one. This deer has an expression on his face I cannot read.

More deer.

Dave took most of the above photos (only numbers 2 and 6 are mine I think) and he also took these AMAZING ones of a white deer chilling in the ruins of Lady Jane Grey’s estate. There was a wall in the way but he STILL MANAGED IT!

The Romantic/gothy side of me likes to think, maybe that’s Lady Jane’s reincarnated spirit wandering around there.

Meanwhile I took a picture of an interesting wall.

Dave then got this amazing photo of a dragonfly which are very hard to photograph-


It’s much harder to get to than it looks from here, trust me.

I took this photo halfway up:

It’s worth it for the views, if your legs can take it.

Here’s some pictures I took at the top!

Here’s a couple of slightly more imposing-looking ones I took with my phone.

And then just before we left suddenly a noisy peacock flew overhead! Sadly neither of us got any photos of it in flight, but I WAS able to get close enough to it to take this:

And that was I think everything, and oh my god my legs are killing me.

Artist in row over charge to paint tower

Artist in row over charge to paint tower

A row over a landmark above my village seems to have gradually escalated (welcome to rural life). Two thoughts:

1) If you’ve ever seen the prices at the Bradgate Park gift shops and cafes, you just miiiiiight come to the conclusion that they don’t actually need the money

2) Let us hope the people guarding the image of Old John the landmark do not incur the wrath of Old John the person, who was (apparently) a servant killed in a freak bonfire accident when the Earl of Stamford decided a great way to celebrate his son’s birthday was to set an entire hill alight and have a party on it. I’m just saying, my dudes