betty ross


The Avengers AU: Natasha, Jane, Pepper, Mary Jane and Betty get together for girls’ nights. Things are always a little slow until the pizza gets ordered and the alcohol comes out.

Natasha: Jane, are you ever going to get off that thing?
Jane: Ten more seconds.
Pepper: This is going really well. Five extremely talented, capable women and we’re sitting around doing nothing.
Jane: Technically, I’m working.
Natasha: Jane.
Jane: Almost finished.
Mary Jane: Wasn’t there supposed to be booze?
Betty: Yes. Yes there was.


There are people in the Marvel fandom who legit don’t know about Betty and that makes me sad. 

They don’t know about the real first person (not Tony, not Natasha, and not Steve) who saw Bruce as more than the Hulk and who didn’t treat Hulk like a monster. They don’t know about the woman who sold her most precious possession to get enough money for her and Bruce to get to a potential cure. They don’t know about the woman who was more than willing to become a fugitive herself if it meant she could help Bruce. They don’t know about the woman who stepped in front of a tank and literally stood up to her own father to protect Bruce.

Ship Bruce with whoever you want. But don’t forget that Betty Ross exists.