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Exploring an abandoned theme park!

Pleasure Island at Cleethorpes has been closed since 2016, a fact that depresses me slightly since I loved it as a kid. So while in the area last week me and Dave stopped and took some pictures of its ruins.

Don’t worry, we didn’t actually go in! It’s covered in barbed wire, more bafflingly there’s a trench built all the way around it, and there’s a security dog too.

There he is!

So we just got as close to the fence as possible and stuck the camera through increasingly tricky gaps.

Here’s the fairytale-like entrance to the park, not such a fairytale anymore.

Broken things everywhere.

Some castles left to rot behind barbed wire.

Who even smashed these windows?

The remains of one of the rides I remember best from Pleasure Island, the water side. It used to stand a bit taller.

A few misc buildings round the back, and a warning message.

RIP, Pleasure Island. Here it is in happier times.

Aqua Park



Location:  Russia

Status:  Abandoned Project

Russia is well known for its cold winters and frigid temperatures.  For many months out of the year, its bodies of water are frozen, and impossible to use for recreation.  An answer to this problem came in the early 2000’s when contractors began building indoor water parks that could be used all year round, regardless of the weather.  

Aqua Park was one of these new recreational centers, designed to house five pools, numerous slides, a hotel, and various medical facilities for athletes.  It was a huge structure, made out of reinforced concrete and steel.  Its construction began in 2003.

However, on February 14th, 2004 disaster struck at a nearby water park south of Moscow.  The park was known as the Transvaal, and it was the biggest in the area, sporting a great glass ceiling over one of its pools.  On that winter night, the ceiling collapsed, sending glass and iron support beams down on the unsuspecting swimmers. 

In the months following the incident, water parks fell out of style, and safety regulations changed.  Aqua Park, already quite far into its construction found itself in peril.  Soon after, the developers lost their funding, and the project was abandoned.  

The Park was sold in 2007 to be made into a shopping mall, but has not yet been demolished.  

For More Information:  


http://zoopunks.livejournal.com/54843.html (great source for pictures)



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Today, for no reason, I have been researching abandoned theme parks. How creepy are these and these? And how sad is this? (If I’d gone to Disneyworld a couple of years earlier I could have had a go on that submarine. Although I probably wouldn’t have because I’m scared of squid.) I especially like the cute dragony-thingy. How could they destroy those awesome models? I bet most people would have taken them for free.

And then there’s Action Park, which has been a constant source of fascination for me ever since I first heard of it. Probably the most dangerous theme park in the world, six people died there and countless more injured. Unsuprisingly, it’s been closed since 1996…

I bloody love theme parks. Most of the rides tend to scare the crap out of me though.