in a lot of ways, benoit blanc is a love letter to the eccentric detective trope, right? but I think he gets what a lot of other characters who try to fit that archetype don’t: he is a very caring person who wants to help people.

the original Sherlock Holmes stories, everything with poirot- the two most famous eccentric detectives. both of them go out of their way to help people, even if it won’t help them solve the case.

so benoit blanc’s willingness to help strangers, concoct crazy plans, and how he will always help someone who’s scared or in emotional distress is a key part of the character type that im glad they kept.

it also sets up the female leads very well- at the end of each movie, we follow them more then blanc, and see how his kindness to them allows them to complete their story and get what they need.

I’ve always been saying that about SH – he could be anything. World-famous musician, celebrated academic genius, or he could be doing what his brother does.

But he is not.

He’s the consulting detective outside the system who helps the people said system fails. If you’re rich, he’ll take your money, sure. But if you’re poor, he’ll help you anyway.

That girl who comes to him about her new employers having a weird vibe? He doesn’t dismiss her. He takes what she’s got to say very seriously – and it ends up saving her life.

And that tells you everything you need to know about what kind of person he is. Honestly, I’m so over the cold, lonely genius trope. Not even the source material supports it.

Anyway, bless Rian Johnson’s Porg-shaped soul.

Benoit Blanc is a much, much, much better modern Holmes than BBC Sherlock.