I don’t follow the football, but I caved and turned on the TV to see how England v Italy all played out. (Ironically, I swear an Italian football shirt was the only one my English family owned once upon a time.)

If I’m being totally honest, I’m so constantly disgusted by the behavior of England fans that I don’t even care that we lost. I do care that Marcus Rashford will probably be blamed for it since he missed the penalty and that the disgusting tabloids over here are probably writing up gleeful headlines even now. Oh this country loves football! But it hates black footballers.

It’s gonna be absolute shit for emergency workers tonight too isn’t it? Ugh… Sorry, this is so bleak. I’d feel the same sort of bleakness if we’d actually won, mind you. It’s hard to be too enthusiastic when the pre-game “celebrations” involved somone sticking a flare up their arse after all.