“But I won’t be a pawn in your political game.  The Jedi are my family.”

😭  😭  😭  😭

Ohohoh! The great part about this one (actually about all the comic) is that this dialogue comes straight from one of Lucas’ drafts of the script! Those are George’s words.

We still get that line in the final draft :D


I always love any iteration of this scene, because – even when he’s sleep-deprived and stressed as hell – Anakin’s first reaction upon discovering the Sith Lord’s identity is:

“My name is Inigo Montoya Anakin Skywalker, you killed my friends/family, prepare to die!”

Like, almost all the good will that Palpatine had been trying to build up from those 13 years of manipulating Anakin is gone out the window, it was pointless. Anakin is a Jedi through and through.

And the only thing that stops him in his tracks is Sidious using Padmé as an emotional shield against Anakin, and making him think he has to choose between her and the Jedi.