Final Space 3×04

Hooray an Ash-centric episode! Well sort of. Oh man I felt so sorry for her at the end of this one. She must feel like she’s lost a sibling all over again. Also man this whole series really likes taking Fox out of action, when will he get something to do?!

This season is going by so faaaast. I’m worried about Quinn, I know Olan Rogers is too smart to kill her off but I still worry about her. Awww the moments between her and Gary in this episode were so sweet, but they’re also the very brief calm before the storm I suspect.

I still find Biskit annoying, sorry. I don’t even see any reason for him to be around right now. And Tribore, UGH. He doesn’t fit into this darker new season AT ALL and I’d much rather he wasn’t there. He’s just so incredibly annoying and also oh yeah he let a load of people die and will never face consequences for it cos it was supposed to be a Funny Moment I guess? Sigh. I love this show but post season one it was never really great at balancing the comedy with the seriousness. Sometimes it really just feels like two different shows squashed together.

I want to go back to the Avacato-Little Cato plot asap please! Oh it’s going to be so heartrending when LC finds out the truth.