Final Space 3×03

So I knew ahead of time that this episode contained Baby Cato Even Littler Cato, but I did NOT expect the twist regarding his backstory and oh no. Oh no.

Wait was this episode called The Ventrexian as a deliberate nod to The Mandalorian? Killing machine suddenly finding himself having to protect an adorable, helpless child… It fits I guess.

So yeah! Avocato killed LC’s biological parents before deciding to raise the baby as his own and this has BIG RAMIFICATIONS! Little Cato is inevitably going to find out and oh god. I suspect Fox will be involved in that part of the plot too since it’s his people Ventrexia were at war with. (And frankly it’s long past time he got something to do.) And what became of the other son Avacato talks about in the past tense? Is he dead? I think we’re supposed to believe that’s the case… or is he still out there somewhere?

As you can probably tell I was very invested in this so it’s a bit disappointing to me that the rest of the plot seemed kinda meh, I didn’t dislike the Gary and Quinn bits but oh look Biskit is there and I just find him super annoying, I’m sorry. Can we replace him with the sentient cookie machine?

Gosh I’m looking so forward to learning where this all ends up!