I posted this on Facebook today

Last month Boris and the Tories “updated” the British immigration system. Among the people they labelled “low skilled” were carers.

Carers! The same people who are saving lives now. I was a carer. My family are carers. (Also, on one side, the descendants of Russian Jewish refugees aka immigrants.) Right now carers are still working. They will be coughed on and spat at and they will have to handle the sort of bodily fluids no-one wants to go near even when there ISN’T a pandemic. Due to the nature of disability and dementia some of them will be hit, kicked, choked, it’s painful, I can tell you. I used to work in a care home as well. How many politicians have done this?


Lots of people on here know me and my family personally. When the pandemic is over please, please remember what Boris Johnson and the Tories think of us, of all carers. And please remember the people, many of them “immigrants!” “foreigners!” the targets of hate in the Daily Mail and its kin, who are quite literally risking their lives right now for little pay and no recognition.

Low-skilled. Low-skilled to put yourself in the firing line for the sake of other people. I will never forget that, and honestly, I will never forgive.