Resin Problems

Sigh. I demoulded this pink bracelet today. It was a project I’d been working on for ages. First the darker pink went in and then the lighter pink. Maybe I left it sitting out in the cold garage for way too long before going back to it? I’m sorry, bracelet. I have a real-life job!

…..annnnd it has all these awful dents and notches in it. Sigh. If anyone has advice on how to fix that, I am ALL EARS. Because apart from that, I really like it. Sanding maybe? It hasn’t had even one sanding yet. Waaah.

I also made this star, which ALSO has holes in it.

Sorry about the photo, it looks much better in reality, apart from those horrible annoying holes around the edge. I’m gonna try and fix it very very carefully but I fear messing it up. Resin is so expensive that I wince whenever something goes wrong.