Five Frozen II Thoughts

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to write about this movie without throwing around some major spoilers, and as I myself got into a tizzy about avoiding spoilers for this film I don’t want to do that to anyone else. So here are five thoughts about the movie, and there are BIG SPOILERS AHEAD. Big ones. Turn back now if you wanna. Once you scroll past the poster you’ll be hit in the face with them.


1. Elsa and Anna. Elsa was always one of my favourite Disney Princesses (Disney Queens? Does she keep that title?) and she still is. Her wardrobe in this movie is also fashion #goals, let me tell you.

I also loved Anna in this, loved her as a character more than I did in the first. “The Next Right Thing” is an amazing song and an amazing scene for her.

And above all, I am so happy that the movie didn’t end how I feared, Anna and Elsa seperated forever thanks to the spirits demanding it or some such thing. That would have broken my heart. Instead it ends with both of them living their own lives and fulfilling their own duties, but still seeing each other frequently and clearly close as ever. Take note, Toy Story 4. (God, I hate the ending of Toy Story 4.)

2. Elsa and Anna’s heritage. So in this movie it turns out that the two sisters are half- Northuldra, and the Northuldra are a stand-in for the very real Sami (spokespeople for which consulted with the filmmakers). So as from now, they’re not technically white, I think? I suppose to some it might seem like Disney are trying to have their cake and eat it too, as there’s no evidence they actually planned for Elsa and Anna to be anything other than a white blonde and a white redhead. I am in no way qualified to comment on this really, but when it comes to the inevitable Frozen live-action adaptation (come on, you know they’re thinking about it) they should absolutely hire half-Sami actresses for Anna and Elsa in that case, or what was the real point, ya know?

3. By Thor’s Hammer! Frozen II’s plot is about a light-haired hero with incredible powers and their sibling trying to correct a family injustice by destroying the place they called home with help from an elemental creature. Sounds a bit like a MCU movie called Ragnarok! Maybe it’s a Norse thing. However, Frozen II loses points by chickening out of the most interesting part, the home in question actually being destroyed. It would have been fascinating to see Anna and Elsa lose Arendelle and create something new. (Don’t worry, as in Ragnarok, all the actual people of the kingdom were saved either way.)

4. The critters. I think most people will find Olaf much more tolerable in this film, and his main song is actually a really good one. This movie also has an adorable fire lizard!! and despite there being a lot of merchandise of him he’s barely in the film at all, ah Disney. There is also a vaguely scary ice-water horse who cracks no jokes and does nothing cute and I love him.

5. This film is a coming-out story… except it isn’t. And that’s really frustrating. People have pointed out how “Show Yourself” sounds and about the subtext, and yet in the end, nothing. Elsa isn’t confirmed as straight but she isn’t confirmed as gay either, despite a scene showing her bonding with a cute girl her own age. I really, really want Elsa to Show Herself as a representation for LGBT people and yet I don’t think Disney will do it, even if there’s a Frozen III, and who knows if there will be at this point. There is a LOT to love about this film and I loved almost all of it, I really did! But that remains a source of disappointment to me.