Fallout 4 Tours: Sanctuary Hills

For the last three years or so I’ve been rebuilding settlements in Fallout 4!

…Yes, really. Honest to god, it is a major stress reliever for me. I fricking love transforming piles of rundown shacks into cool-looking settlements and replacing dead trees with living ones. Suppose if you can’t do it in the real world you’ve gotta do it digitally right?

So here’s what Sanctuary looks like at the beginning of the game (taken from the Fallout wiki:)

And here’s what mine looks like now!


I suppose my Fallout lands have their own lore. I’m thinking, the Sole Survivor returned home to Sanctuary Hills with Shaun and she overhauled the place, made it better, made it greener. And outside of Sanctuary, little patches of trees and plants slowly started springing up here and there as the world repaired itself a little, and those are Settlements now, places where people can go and live their lives and build ridiculous buildings.

And oh man, I used a lot of mods! You can find a whole list of them at the end of this post.


You can make out Sanctuary from the Vault 111 entrance.

Walk down what’s left of the pathway and you’ll come to a little bridge. This is it at dusk, I think it looks quite welcoming.

On the other side of the bridge, to your right, is a graveyard. Gotta remember all those people who died to bring you Sanctuary!

(The grave with the power armour, the candles and the wedding photo? That’s Nate’s.)

Here’s a nice shot of Nick Valentine in the graveyard. Wonder who he’s grieving for.

Polite signs greet you on your way in.

There’s more sunlight in Sanctuary than I see in real life on a day-to-day basis.

The view from the upper cafe area. There’s the market down there.

This guy will sell you sausage inna bun.

Looking downwards from the cafe. There’s a basketball net down near the river, right next to the graveyard, very respectful you guys.

The market pharmacist/doctor. You can trust this man!

Opposite the market is the park. (Spot the Dogmeat!) Settlers can come here and chill out and watch the gently splashing fountain, assuming they have no work to be getting on with.

Hey, it’s post-apocalyptia, life still isn’t exactly easy. If you wanna eat you gotta farm (or pay someone to farm for you.) Sanctuary has farming jobs available both outside and inside:

(anyone else have terrible trouble getting those planters to not hover off the ground?)

That red and white building is a doctor’s surgery, let’s see inside:

I guess Preston is there because another settlement needs my help?

That big weird-looking building you saw earlier is the “house” I built for myself before I downloaded a mod to revert Sanctuary to its pre-war state. I couldn’t bring myself to demolish it after putting so much work into it.

Its lower floor is a sort of social area with a pool table, a comic stand, etc. There’s a kitchen and there’s also a ton of guns.

Upstairs there are some bedrooms, including the one I made for myself originally. I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to stick a toilet in the little wooden shack thing, but it kinda works I guess?

The upper house looks lovely in the sun.

A night-time shot of the Sanctuary garage:

The garage is a place to store power armour and also Shaun, apparently. He’s always in there angsting.

Next to the garage is Mama Murphy’s house. It’s a mess and I kinda like to think she built it herself, story-wise. Maybe it was there before the rest of Sanctuary starting springing up?

(Sadly, she never gets into that power armour set next to her, or indeed leaves her chair at all.)

Inside the house:

Not bad, Mama Murphy, not bad. (Maybe she killed that Yao Guai herself as well?)

Right nearby is the schoolhouse:

Honestly I kind of love the schoolhouse. I would totally go to this post-apocalypse school.

Playroom! Arts and crafts room! Bathrooms! Dining hall! And don’t forget your ticket for Romeo and Juliet.

Outside is a play area for the children. That grey thing behind it is a storage shed for garden/farming equipment.

I kinda like to think that Sanctuary was constructed partly out of stuff salvaged from Vault 111. Like, they just went up there one day, took the dead bodies out, dismantled everything and got to work.

Behind the med bay we have a gym:

I quite like the gym, although if I was making it now I’d make it smaller. Beyond it you can see Red Rocket. I essentially consider Red Rocket another part of Sanctuary, since they’re smushed right in together. But more on that later…

Inside the gym:

Next to the gym is the library (there’s Red Rocket beyond it again) and argh, I love the library.

I think if I were a settler in post-apocalypse Sanctuary, I would definitely be working in the library. Maybe the books were salvaged from old institutions and put there for archiving.

My house in Sanctuary is this one (the main character’s house from the beginning of the game so hey, why change it? – although obviously I did build a whole nother house on top of it…)

Here’s a look inside.

That last room is Shaun’s. He’s got pictures of his parents alongside his toys, awww.

My room’s got a picture of Nate, too, plus photos of Shaun and Dogmeat. You gotta have a photo of Dogmeat.

Psst, in addition to Dogmeat, these very good boys live around the back of the house.

And don’t forget the cats!

A few shots from inside other Sanctuary houses:

That’s almost everything now, but the curious traveller may want to check out the Museum of History before leaving Sanctuary.

Various artifacts from both before the war and after are stored here. Like the library, it is an invaluable resource for the post-apocalyptic historian!

Time to cross the bridge into Red Rocket, the other part of Sanctuary. How I imagine it works is, the bit you’ve just seen is officially called Sanctuary Hills (as on the sign) and the bit over the bridge is officially called Red Rocket, and both of them + Abernathy Farm technically make up Sanctuary, i.e. it’s a whole district rather than a settlement, but as in real life this doesn’t always work in practice.

There’s some travelling traders gathered around the bridge today.

Aww, Dogmeat made a friend!

Over the bridge to Red Rocket! That’ll be the next Fallout Settlement Tours blog post, and the next video. Hope ya join me.

And now: Mod List! (I can’t guarantee all of these are still available, unfortunately.)

  • Snap ‘N Build
  • Place Anywhere
  • Aki – Colorful Trees
  • Scrap Fallout
  • Clean the Commonwealth
  • Custom Sanctuary Overhaul
  • Decoration & Furniture Pack
  • Artstop – Classical Artwork
  • Artstop – DreadJim Artwork
  • Masterwork Architecture Project
  • Sci-Fi Posters
  • ElvenBlossom’s Items
  • Pre-War and Post-War Sanctuary Build Set
  • Mist Workshop DLC
  • Do It Yourshelf
  • Gruffydd’s Signs and Posters
  • Nuka World Clothing and Items
  • Working Table Lamps
  • Old World Plaids
  • Clean Water of the Commonwealth
  • Minutemen Morale Pack
  • CrimsomRider’s Unique Furniture
  • Alternate dresses
  • Old World Decorations
  • Renovated Decorations
  • Nuka World Exotic Lights
  • Modular Kitchen (With Perks)
  • EoW – Pre-War Books Retexture
  • Pictures of Remembrance
  • Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  • Renovated Furniture
  • G2M – Workshop
  • Creative Clutter
  • 12 Potted Trees
  • Finally, a mod made for me by kingtobbe on reddit which imported pre-war cribs and rose bushes into the game!

And yes, this was all done on the Xbox One.