Final Space 2×04

Well, before I was able to watch this episode I saw a lot of posts elsewhere saying things like, this episode is a goddamn masterpiece, and I watched it and it was indeed a goddamn masterpiece. It’s basically a short, gorgeous exploration of grief and the toll it takes. And it’s also home to what is hands down the most heartbreaking moment of season 2 so far, when the camera cuts away and we see that Avocato’s words aren’t his at all, he’s not there, it’s Little Cato typing into a machine what he thinks his dad might say to him.

Which is the very nature of grief, I think. You’ve always got a ghost with you, and your own thoughts about yourself are always in their mouth.

Amazing episode and that’s not even mentioning the dance sequence at the beginning. If you ever want to win me over, write a story about tragedy, family and loss and then stick a dance sequence in there.