Actually, you know what, I will post those pictures of the building I used to live in. Name of the building withheld to protect the guilty, but if you live near Leicester train station you’ve probably walked past it…

Image 1: loads of trash bags, boxes and some sort of loose, easy-to-trip-over plastic sheet lying on the floor. Yep, this was the way to the fire escape, great huh?

Image 2: One of the fire escape doors with… guess what… more boxes and bags piled up alongside it. There’s like a tiny space a person could run through to get to the door, hooray. (Sorry this picture’s so blurry. Yes, it does say ‘Keep clear’ on the door!)

Image 3: A WHOPPING BIG shiny new padlock on the old fire escape door, preventing anyone from opening it! How thoughtful.

Image 4: The fire escape area, which is… overgrown as hell, plants in the way and hey! More rubbish right next to the door.

….Living here was a picnic, honestly.