Did I ever tell you guys I used to live in a building with the most unimaginable (except…not, obviously) fire safety standards? Nothing worked, the windows barely opened, the washing machine would leak…but the worst thing was, there was no fire escape, not a proper one. There were technically stairs leading outside of the building, but they were always blocked with people’s old mattresses and rubbish bags. Once you managed to get down them, you got to a small, overgrown courtyard and a door that was always locked and chained. If there ever actually had been a fire…

(Once, our oven suddenly unleashed a flame for no reason at all. We went to get the fire extinguisher and found it didn’t work. Luckily, nothing happened, it just went out.)

(And while the building did have a fire alarm, it was next to useless. It would go off once a week – alright, once a month maybe, it just feels like it was literally every other day – and blare for sometimes the entire night. No-one would have taken it seriously unless they literally smelled smoke.)

There will absolutely be more Grenfell Towers as long as developers continue to cut corners with the places where people live.